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March Tarotscopes In Accordance With Your Psychic Number

March 1, 2015 in Spirituality, Tarot

Firestorm, my wonderful husband, and our very gifted tech, surprised me by finding a more affordable way for us to keep Hidden Truth, notifications and all, thank you Firestorm!!!!!  We will be deleting some of the nonactive groups.  The tarot reading contest will resume, however the winners reading’s will no longer be sent through email, because it’s just so impersonal.  For those who are chosen in the Calgary area, the reading will be 30 minutes, in person, and for those who live elsewhere, a phone reading will be arranged.  As always, this forum is meant for all of our voices, and if anyone wants to write a post, that would be so welcomed!!!!!

We discussed psychic numbers just over 2 years ago, so a refresher is due, and what better way than to incorporate them with our spiritual forecast for March?!

Just like your astrological sign, your psychic number determines many of your characteristics, especially desires, and how you view yourself on a personal level. Some people even claim that your psychological patterns of behavior are determined on this one number alone!  To get this number is simple, all you need is your birthday reduced to a digit that’s 9, or less.  As an example, if your birthday was on the 26th, you would add the 2+6=8. 

#1If your psychic number is 1
, then you’re ruled by the Sun!  You’re quick to make snap judgments, some may call you impulsive, but when it comes to your opinions, you’re stubborn beyond belief!  You have a cheerful, youthful and optimistic disposition.  As a child, most likely you didn’t like restrictive clothing, and as an adult, you don’t like too many boundaries being placed upon your freedom. You love life, to you it’s a ball, wherever you go you tend to have fun, and want to explore everything that you can!  You’re emotional, and expressive, but also very concerned with how you present yourself in public.  You would be the person who got hurt on the playground, but kept a brave smile on your face until you got home, and then, and only then, did you feel that it was okay to breakdown; you hate, absolutely despise appearing weak.  You’re a born leader and enjoy being on center stage. It’s ironic that The Wheel of Fortune was drawn to represent this month for you, being that it’s a 10, and could be reduced to 1, which gives us The Magician as the hidden influence!  For all areas of your life, expect the unexpected!  Think positively, do your best to roll with any changes, and accept that much of this energy is out of your control.  Be clear about what you want, then take the bold actions to create, and or re-negotiate the life that you deserve!  It’s likely that you’re more than ready for change, in both the career and love departments.  For your health, as well as your sanity, basics such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and meditation will ease any turbulence (at times, it’s going to feel like you’re on a crazy train, hang on, and buckle up!)  

#2If your psychic number is 2
, then you’re ruled by the Moon.  Although most often you’re friendly, and helpful, you’re also extremely moody, and have a wild imagination!  You’re a lover, not a fighter, and are very romantic.  You have heightened senses, are family oriented, and a loyal partner who thrives in emotional partnerships.  You’re not a quitter, or a player, and are known for repeatedly making attempts until you get what it is that your heart desires. You’re prone to depression, and should establish solid relationships to maintain your emotional health.  You’re an excellent mediator, flexible, and also sensitive.  The 9 of Wands was drawn to represent this month for you, with the hidden influence being The Hermit.  The energy is “Once bitten, twice shy baby!” Feeling anxious, and panicky, with some defensiveness towards life, and people in general, would be expected. You’ve recently had some less than enjoyable experiences, where you weren’t treated with the respect that you deserved, but you’re wiser for it, and you’re not about to let it happen again!  Forewarned is forearmed, prepare for the worst, but don’t dwell on the what if’s.  Remember that what we focus on becomes our reality- don’t let your imagination get the worst of you!  Even if you’re in a relationship you’re likely going to be feeling very alone. Strive for balance, be organized, practice daily gratitude, and do your best to be spiritually disciplined.  It’s a 9, so you’re almost through this cycle, and much closer to happiness than you realize! 

#3If your psychic number is 3
, you’re ruled by Jupiter.  You usually struggle early on in life, which only makes you stronger!  You’re daring, hard working, and extremely independent.  Your intellect, and confidence are your strong points.  You’re a fireball of energy, and throw yourself into your tasks. You tend to be bossy, and or dictatorial in your personal life.  In public, you’re often outspoken- but somehow luck is on your side, and you usually succeed. You’re a great communicator, but often impatient. You’re charismatic, and so optimistic that people are naturally drawn to you. The Knight of Wands arrived, representing the influence that covers, or surrounds you for this month. Being a court card, this could be representing you, or someone in your life. They would be creative, passionate, look exotic to you, be adventurous, take risks, completely believe in their abilities to the point of being cocky, even if they’re not very attractive their presence commands the attention of any room that they walk into, they would most likely be in between the ages of 18-34, and possibly be a fire sign. Spend extra time with anyone fitting this description, and take the actions that they would!  Health, spirituality, and finances look good.  Travel is a possibility, and so is being very sexually attracted to someone that you meet through work, or a hobby. If you’re single, keep an eye out for someone fitting this description, and if you choose to partake in getting to know them, please understand that it’s likely going to be only a brief, but intensely fun time;)  Define your ideals through your actions, and remember that life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

#4If your psychic number is 4
, you’re ruled by Rahu. Your struggles happen all throughout your life, but your character never fails. You’re reliable, helpful, and also practical.  You tend to gain more success, and recognition later in life.  Your personal views are often different than others, you have quite the secret rebellious streak in you, and those two qualities combined can have you easily misunderstood by others.  Verbally, you’re a master. You enjoy investigating conspiracy theories, and are extremely attached to your home and family.  You posses inner strength, and you use it selectively.  The King of Wands represents this month’s energy for you. Being a court card, this could be representing you or a person in your life who’s solidly in your corner. They would be passionate, direct, a born leader, courageous, enthusiastic, enterprising, persuasive, talented, spontaneous, most likely with lighter hair, or look exotic to you, and possibly be a fire sign. Even if this isn’t representing an actual person in your life, it’s an excellent omen that you’re going to have a reason to feel enthusiastic, and full of ambition this month! You would be encouraged to take the actions that this King would. Boredom, restriction and sitting all kill! Live life with no regrets! Grab life by the horns, and show them who’s in charge! Believe in yourself, dare to be different, and make a point to play “the hero” as often as you can (kind and bold gestures.) Career, and finances look good.  With love, if you’re in a relationship, and it’s not “the cats meow” lately, speak up, it’s likely that your partner is willing to step up to the plate, and make the desired changes that you want.  If you’re single, seek more of a balance between work, and socializing. Forcing yourself to meditate for at least 5 minutes each morning will make a huge difference!

#5If your psychic number is 5
, you’re ruled by Mercury.  You need change to thrive, and are spontaneous almost to a fault. You’re intellectual, love whatever you’re doing at the time, and you especially enjoy travelling.  You believe that everything happens for a reason, and live your life without regrets. You’re religious, traditional, and unstable, all at the same time!  You’re also one of the most honest of all the numbers, making a very loyal friend, and partner.  The Queen of Pentacles arrived to inspire you this month. Being a court card this could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you (on all fronts). They would be 34 years of age +, grounded, big-hearted, methodical, cautious, practical, frugal, resourceful, reliable, determined, welcoming, loyal, generous, possibly a business owner, likely with darker features, and possibly an earth sign. The queens lead quietly through example, and you would be encouraged to take the actions that she would. Be supportive (people will be seeking you out for advice), make do with what you have, set schedules, and stick to your word.  It’s likely that you’ll be wanting to spend more time at home, making improvements that add to the family’s comfort. Consider bringing a couple of unique items from home to make the office more productive (a quartz, or green calcite would be ideal). Should you be single, form a logical strategy.  If you’re in a relationship with a partner that humiliates you, or takes you for granted- kick that fool to the curb, and don’t look back, because you deserve better!  Don’t allow self doubts to sabotage you, and by all means PUT YOURSELF FIRST!  This month is full of potential for you. Take that ambition, work your ass off, and success will be yours!

#6If your psychic number is 6
, then you’re ruled by Venus, and adore beauty in all forms.  You have a young spirit, enjoy travelling, and also the more glitzy things in life.  You’re attractive to the opposite sex, and notice them noticing you wherever you go.  You’re self conscious, especially when it comes to your appearance, and like to dress as well as your budget allows.  You like your freedom, but need to be in a relationship, or you get depressed. You’re tactful, and have a good nature for business. People envy your open heart, and generous spirit.  The 6 of Swords was drawn to represent the influences around you this month.  This card indicates a low level of sadness, but you can expect that the worst of any emotional difficulties is over.  You’re likely feeling beaten down, stressed, and physically exhausted.  Movement, not always literal, but often figurative is a guarantee with this card.  This month is about slow progress, as well as emotional healing. You need to put down some boundaries, and possibly distance yourself from a toxic person, and or situation. This can be a very lonely energy, know that this card is an affirmation that your guides are with you. It’s also highly possible that you want to leave your job.  Unemployed, or just unhappy, consider seeking opportunities that would include travel.  If you’re in a relationship, take a short vacation together, even if it’s only the next city over for a couple of hours.  If you’re single, take yourself on an adventure somewhere that you’ve been before! The Lover’s is the hidden influence, so beware of temptations!!!!!  

#7If your psychic number is 7
, then you’re ruled by Ketu, and most likely growing up, you were the troublemaker in your class, and maybe in your home too. You tend to be disruptive, but also innovative and you learn from your mistakes.  You make friends easily, and create success for yourself, usually by retirement, or shortly before, you’ll have more wealth than most.  You’re spiritual, religious, and very much for the people, disliking, and arguing against discrimination of all kinds. You’re serious, primitive, and philosophical. The two of Swords arrived to represent the energy that’s influencing your situation this month, with a hidden influence of The High Priestess. This is an indication that you’re avoiding dealing with an issue, which has left you at a stalemate, because you’re afraid to make the wrong choice. The energy of this card often represents a situation where the person is feeling stuck, is keeping others emotionally distant, and being defensive. When you’re feeling inner conflict, there are often more choices than meets the mind’s eye. You want to think about the balance, contrast, partnerships, and negotiations in your life!!!  With that High Priestess, it’s critical that you don’t rush towards a decision, because she’s whispering that there’s more than meets the eye, or hidden potential that hasn’t come to light yet. Career wise, it’s likely that you’re feeling stuck, because you’re waiting on other people to do their part, before you can make more progress.  It’s very important that you make sure that you’ve done what’s expected of you, because it’s likely that you’ll be held accountable. If you’re in a relationship, this card is a fantastic omen that all is good (just that one issue that needs to be addressed).  If you’re single, consider examining past relationship patterns, as this card often indicates emotional baggage.  

#8If your psychic number is 8
, you’re ruled by Saturn.  You’re the confident, determined, secretive introvert who’s often misunderstood by others. It’s likely that your life has had it’s fair share of struggles, one of which is loneliness.  You tend to go to extremes (with everything), cut yourself off socially, and then you often get too serious, or analytical about life.  As a lover, you’re very hard to please.  You’re a determined fighter, often using strategy, and a back door tactic when people least expect it. You dislike authority, and prefer to work alone. Be careful not to throw yourself into your profession, as you’re prone to workaholism.  The 9 of Pentacles indicates that this month will be rewarding for you!  You’ve worked hard for this spiritual independence- be proud of yourself! Celebrate it by sharing your insights with others! A step by step program, or a plan to reach a personal goal through sacrifice will really pay off!  The hidden influence is The Hermit. Being organized, productive, and disciplined will earn you recognition this month, and it’s also an important time for introspection. If you’re unemployed, a position is on its way. If you’re employed, it’s a great time to ask for a raise, and/or apply for a promotion!  If you’ve been considering starting your own business, this card is an omen that you have what it takes to make it a successful reality!  For you single 8’s out there, accept every invitation that you can, because Mr. or Ms. Right For You is just around the corner!  If you’re in a committed relationship, then you can expect the intimacy to get more intense, and satisfying!   

#9If your psychic number is 9
, you’re ruled by Mars, and have the most energy of us all!  Often times, you have yourself involved in more than a couple of activities at once.  You’d make an excellent emergency worker as you have “Spidey senses” at the first sign of danger.  You’re also courageous, determined, and react quickly.  You’re overly alert, and so direct that people sometimes take you as being rude, or blunt.  Others often view you as being impulsive, and unpredictable (not always a bad thing, keep them on their toes I say). You have a good heart, with a hard outer shell, and tend to be overprotective of your family.  The Page of Cups arrived, representing that this month is the start of an emotionally charged cycle for you. The pages all bring messages, and you will be the recipient of happy news this month. Being a court card, this could be representing someone in your life, but more often than not, the pages represent aspects of your character that you’re developing. This page is very intuitive, loving, creative, full of surprises, and he creates joy regardless of where he is!   You would be advised to wear your heart on your sleeve, let your love shine through, and devote more time to developing your creative talents. It’s highly likely that two dramatic, and argumentative people will expect you to play the role of mediator, or put you in the uncomfortable spot of being “caught in the middle”.  As for career, if you’re not loving it, know that you hold the key to changing that!  Be on the lookout for “coincidences” that are actually synchronicities full of deeper meaning meant just for you. Single or not, you can expect at least one surprising encounter. If you’re in a long-term relationship, change something about what you’re doing to shake it up, and bring a little more romance your way!  If you’re single, this is an excellent omen that a head over heels romance is heading your way!  Your intuition will be seriously heightened this month, pay attention to your gut instincts, as well as to your dreams. 

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December Tarotscopes

December 1, 2014 in Spirituality, Tarot



Spiritually –  Death indicates that one door is closing so that another opportunity can bring you closer to the spiritual growth that you’re desiring. You would be advised to evaluate any Good Sagitarriusnegative patterns, behaviors and influences, so that you can take progressive action towards a healthier you. It’s highly likely that a situation or relationship is no longer available to you in the way that it was. This is an important period of transformations. Transformations are often uncomfortable, and if you need help, don’t be too proud to ask for it. The hidden influence would be The Emperor. You’re temporarily going to experience a block, but being extremely disciplined, and putting your mind over matter will help considerably. Expect a lesson dealing with humility and achievement.

Career –  9 of Wands  shows some hesitance, or defensiveness on your part when dealing with your boss, or your potential boss, as well as co-workers. As advice, don’t engage in petty gossip.  The energy is “once bitten, twice shy” and would indicate that based on past experiences that you’re weary of others, and their intentions.  You will experience some setbacks in getting to where you want to be regarding your career, but hang in there, you’ve come this far, and this card would indicate that there’s just one more hurdle or challenge to tackle before you see real progress and reward for all of your effort! The hidden influence would be The Hermit, which indicates that this is an important period of introspection where you likely want to withdraw from others.  Being organized, and always behaving as though someone is watching (because these days, they are), will help you achieve your goals that much faster!  

Love –  3 of Cups is an awesome card for those of you who are single! Get out and mingle!  Invest some time doing hobbies that you enjoy on a social level, because Mr. or Miss. Right Now is out there, just waiting for you!  It’s possible that an ex will call, remember that an ex is an ex for a reason, and I don’t care how great the physical chemistry was; stay strong!!!  If you’re in a relationship, your focus will most likely be more on friends and family at this time. This being another 3, would put an emphasis on opportunities, and advancement being all around you, because we would take into account The Empress’s energy as being the hidden influence. It’s clearly time for you to experience unconditional love on some level, and to celebrate life!   Important numerology keywords would be creativity, versatility, mystery, intuition and advancement!


Spiritually –  The Sun having arrived would represent that you’ve recently faced some of your fears, and that you’re about to enter a period infused with liberating freedom, and self-capricornexpression!  This is an excellent time for travel, and for exploring new spiritual approaches to life.  With The Sun, anything is possible, and it’s truly your time to shine!  Live in the moment, and enjoy life as much as you can. Success, achievement and accomplishment are yours, so consider making some new personal goals. The Wheel of Fortune is the hidden influence. You would be encouraged to observe cyclic patterns in your life, and pay attention to the lessons that they bring.  We could further reduce it, and then The Magician would also be influencing you, which is yet another affirmation that immense power is in your hands!

Career –  The King of Pentacles,  when representing a person, would be 34 years +,  methodical, cautious, grounded, enterprising, adept, reliable, supportive, good natured, a bit of a hedonist (look for a rounder belly), great in bed, in a position of power, at times manipulative, and possibly be an earth sign. As advice, employed or unemployed, take the actions that this King would, have ambition, discipline yourself, use tried and true methods, and put all of your effort and talents into each task that you do! Pay attention to detail, have a plan, and when the going gets tough remember that giving up is not an option!!!! This is commonly known as “the husband” card in the deck and can be indicating that if you’re single, there’s a potential for meeting your life partner through work- just be discreet!  

Love –  The 2 of Cups is commonly known as, “the soul mate card”, and represents you meeting, or knowing someone who’s going to change your life forever, in a positive sense.  Being a 2, it would mean that, single or not, you have a decision to make. Focus on aspects of balance, negotiation, contrast, choice, and forgiveness. If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely true love, which is not to say easy- all relationships are hard work!!!  If you’re single, keep your eyes open, this is a great omen that a partner worthwhile is heading in your direction! The hidden influence would be The High Priestess, so again, single or not, love is definitely in the air for you this month!


Spiritually –  The 5 of Wands represents a frustrating and competitive situation, with a lot of the energy being out of your hands. You need some healing downtime, when was the last good aquariustime that you did some meditation or even took the time to properly breath? There’s a sense of you being very hard on yourself, and feeling somehow betrayed by life. You need to believe in yourself more than ever right now, and realize that to maximize your potential, you need to recharge your spiritual batteries! Spend some time connecting with children, animals, and consider helping those less fortunate than you.  The Hierophant would be the hidden influence.  Do the “right thing” according to how you feel.  Again, any sort of ritual or daily meditation would assist you greatly this month.

Career –  The Page of Cups brings you a brand new cycle that holds positive changes once you set them in motion! If you’re waiting for news regarding a new position, it’s on its way. Being a court card, this could be representing someone in your life, but more often than not, the pages represent aspects of your character that you’re developing. This page is very intuitive, loving, creative, full of surprises, and he creates joy regardless of where he is!  If you’re feeling stuck in a negative work environment, know that you hold the key to changing that! You would be advised to respond rather than react, and to let your compassion lead the way.

Love –  The Devil represents feeling restricted, helpless, and trapped. The hidden influence is The Lovers. There’s an emphasis on the need for more balance, and a likelihood that you’re at a moral crossroads. Important numerology keywords would be: sincerity, investment, protection, dependability, growth, nurturing, protection, and sensitivity.  If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely that you and/or your partner is feeling stuck, or bored, and there’s an element of temptation. Great questions to ask yourself would be; “Has my relationship become like a bad habit?  Is my partner manipulative, and or controlling?  Does my partner trust me and do I trust them? Is our relationship healthy?”  This doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed to end. Breathe some passion back into your relationship, behave as you did during the early courtship, romanticize one another and try new activities!!!!  If you’re single, and there’s a hot prospect who is very charismatic, be so careful! I don’t care how gorgeous and sexy they appear to be, they have invisible horns, and most likely just want to play with you!


Spiritually –  The Page of Wands marks this month as being inspirational for you!  It’s the start of an exciting cycle and your spirituality is about to flourish! Being a court card, this couldgood-pieces represent an actual person in your life.  They would be younger than 18, flamboyant, artistic, creative, confident, enthusiastic, likely appear exotic to you, and possibly be a fire sign. When a page arrives in a reading and it’s not representing someone, then it’s representing a new aspect of yourself that’s developing.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling quite restless this month. Focus on a challenging new way to express yourself, or think back to when you were 10 years old, what did you enjoy spending your time doing? Be childlike and play, because adventure is calling on you!  Consider what excites you, and responsibly spend more time doing it!  

Career –  The 3 of Swords is commonly known as “the divorce card” and indicates that you’ll be feeling sharp stabs of disappointment to your ego, especially regarding your career. If you’re feeling some conflict and unnecessary struggle, consider approaching your chain of command and asking what you can personally do to make the situation more productive (and bearable for you.)  If there seems to be just one person who’s causing you grief, limit your interactions with them as much as possible. The hidden influence is The Empress, and she insists that any problems can be solved using compassion, creativity, and resourcefulness.  If you’re unemployed, change the way that you’re approaching the job market, and consider going into fields that you haven’t already tried.

Love –  The 7 of Pentacles indicates that you’re in a period of reflection regarding relationships, and love in general. The rule of the 7’s is that each one brings a personal challenge with it.  The personal challenge with this card is patience, perseverance, and not falling prey to nagging anxieties or doubts. This is also a card of investments and Mom was right, you should treat other people as you’d like to be treated.  If you’re in a relationship, this card indicates a positive outcome.  If you’re single, consider broadening the scope of potential partners, and dating someone that you would normally overlook. The hidden influence would be The Chariot, so watch out for players who possess an incredible sexual charm (chiseled features too)!  Be determined, but be careful to not push to far and too fast (respect and reinforce boundaries).


Spiritually –  Strength representing your spirituality means that recently you’ve been tested, and you passed with flying colours! This is a balanced time for you.  As advice, demonstrateGood Aries the same compassion, patience and acceptance that you have for others, towards yourself. This month will be filled with many moments of you connecting to your higher consciousness and controlling your negative aspects using your inner strength and mind over matter.

Career –  The 2 of Wands demonstrates that you’re at a crossroads, and have a decision to make. You choose the focus, what’s really important to you when it comes to your career?  It’s important that you pay careful attention to matters of balance.  If you’re employed, or unemployed, The High Priestess is the hidden influence and she’s whispering that you must also pay caution and be patient, because there’s some potential that you don’t know about yet!  If you’re employed, the office atmosphere is going to become more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a job, it’s coming sooner than you think.

Love –   The Page of Pentacles represents your love life.  If you’re attached, it’s most likely that you’re bored and not feeling too motivated to impress your partner, which backfires on you.  The Pages all represent new cycles, and this could be a fiery hot passionate one, but first you need to add the spice. Take action;)!  The pentacles represent the tangible, do something out of the ordinary that you can taste, touch or at least see so that you can create that exciting anticipation that you crave!  As advice, the Page of Pentacles asks you to act on your dreams (for the highest good of all concerned, keep that in mind ) and as a disclaimer, I can not be held legally responsible for your actions.  If you’re single, why? What’s holding you back?  If there’s someone in your past that you continue to think about, remember that an ex is an ex for a reason and push yourself to move on.



Spiritually –  The Emperor arrived, and you’re being encouraged to put your head over your heart in all matters where you’ll be requiring focus. It’s a boring card, The Emperor is an taurasold stickler for rules, and you can expect people to make you jump through “special hoops”, especially if you’re dealing with authority, or powerful departments, and organizations.  It’s a 4, and so it represents blocks of all kinds being thrown in your path, but don’t let that deter you!  You need to put an emphasis on structure and routines this month. As advice, right now is not the time to be unconventional, use logic, form a strategy, and use self control to get you what you want, and where you want to be.  It’s possible that others are expecting you to conform, and as more advice, you know what’s best for you, but don’t let emotions get in the way of common sense.

Career –  The Knight of Swords represents that your intellect is at a peak! Being a court card, it could be representing an actual person who’s in a position to help you further your career.  They would be, direct, bossy (at times), opinionated, logical, self motivated, likely between the ages of 18-34 years of age, possibly be an air sign, and have lighter features. The energy that this card brings with it, is very busy!  Let this Knight inspire you, and behave as he would, but with more diplomacy (because, in the end, this Knight almost always gets what he wants).  If you’re employed, you’re going to be a firestorm that gets all the work dealt with quickly, and on point too!  If you’re looking for work, be extremely assertive, and the right opportunity will present itself!

Love –  The Tower was drawn to represent your love life.  This month, you need to get ready for upheaval, sudden revelations, and maybe even a blessing that comes disguised as a disaster. This card’s energy is like having the rug ripped out from under your feet; it’s the best laid plans going to hell in a hand basket, but if we don’t change, nothing will, and this, like death, is an important period of transition, which almost always feels uncomfortable. Single or not, good questions to ask yourself are, “Am I being realistic about my desires?  How much time am I spending day dreaming, verses actually taking action?  If today were my last day what regrets would I have?  If I found out that I was terminal, what changes would I make?” The Chariot is the hidden influence, which is good news.  As long as you continue to apply yourself with and through sheer determination, while curbing any aggression, then you’re assured success!  If you’re in a relationship, and you’re not satisfied, communicate that to your partner, don’t assume that they know what you need, or want. 


Spiritually –  The King of Wands,  being a court card could be representing a person in your life who’s solidly in your corner. They would be passionate, direct, a born leader, geminicourageous, enthusiastic, enterprising, persuasive, talented; spontaneous, most likely with lighter hair, or look exotic to you, and possibly be a fire sign. Even if this isn’t representing an actual person in your life, it’s an excellent omen that you’re going to have a reason to feel enthusiastic, and full of ambition this month! You would be encouraged to take the actions that this King would. Boredom, restriction and sitting all kill! Live life with no regrets! Grab life by the horns and show them who’s in charge! Believe in yourself, dare to be different, and make a point to play “the hero” as often as you can (kind and bold gestures.)

Career –  The 10 of Swords arrived to demonstrate that on an intellectual level, you’re likely feeling defeated, hopeless, possibly betrayed, and you’re intellectually stabbing yourself to death (regarding your career).  Employed or unemployed, this month brings an end to an exhaustive cycle.  The hidden influence here would be The Wheel of Fortune, and, as long as you don’t quit trying, your luck is about to swiftly change in your favor!

Love –  The 6 of Wands demonstrates that you’ll be in a passionate position to celebrate on a personal level in regards to love! The hidden influence is The Lovers. There will be plenty of people vying for your attention this month!  If you’re single, Mr. or Mrs. Right, now could be right around the corner and it’s your confidence that will attract them, so don’t be afraid to strut your stuff!  If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely that you’ve both been struggling inwardly, possibly even second guessing your future together, or feeling as though you’re at an ethical crossroads (especially with aspects of temptation), but that energy has passed, and this month you can look forward to becoming closer, and enjoying many creative and passionate moments!  


Spiritually –  The King of Swords when representing a person, would be 34 years of age+, most often they have lighter hair, lighter eyes, they would be extremely to the point, honest,Good Cancer logical, conservative, disciplined, a control freak, opinionated, humorous, very intellectually focused, have a high ethical standard, most likely be a leader in his or her chosen profession, often working with a sharp instrument, or weapon, possibly they’re an air sign, and, at times, they come off as emotionally detached.  Look for someone fitting this King’s description to help you satisfy your spiritual hunger.  The King of Swords demonstrates that your intellectual power is at an all time high!  You have a strong desire for a deeper spiritual understanding. It’s important that you detach from your emotions, and focus on facts, as well as observations (patterns and cycles), so that you can gain more insight into life.

Career –  The 5 of Wands represents what can often be a frustrating, and competitive situation, with a lot of the energy being out of your hands. Employed or unemployed, let the competition bring out the best beast in you, but play fairly. The Hierophant’s energy is also influencing your situation, which means that to further your career, you’re going to need to conform in small ways.  As advice, be traditional in your approaches, go through the ‘proper’ chains of command, and consider jobs that include identifying with a group, school, organization, institution and/ or the government.  Keep your eyes open for a very rigid powerful person in a position of leadership to help you further your career even faster.

Love –  The Ace of Cups is the biggest love/ birth indicator in the entire deck, so if a pregnancy isn’t wanted please take precautions!!! Single or not, this card represents a love strong and true enough that it’s worth celebrating!!!!  Think abundance, contentment, fertility, and a happily ever after ending!  Pay attention to your intuition and follow your heart!  This is representing deep and committed love. If you are single, this is a great omen that you’re about to meet a soul mate.  If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to take it to the next level, or if you’re already married, consider renewing your vows.


Spiritually –  The Hierophant arrived, and this is a card that indicates that you’re struggling inwardly, and wanting to do the right thing, but feeling torn, because it’s not what you think leothat others expect of you.  As advice, it’s your life, and at the end of the day, it’s all about what you can live with, and how you feel about yourself. Ask yourself, “What parts of your life are causing you to feel as though that you’re living a lie?  What actions can I take to live more authentically?  What is it specifically that I fear by living as I want to, and doing what I feel will satisfy me?  What deep seeded beliefs are keeping me from living the life that I want?”  The Hierophant is a 5, and the rule of the 5’s in the deck is that they all represent short lived frustrations. As advice, grin and bear it, this too shall pass.  Health and spiritual rituals will be of great assistance to you this month.

Career –  The Hanged Man, numerology wise, indicates that you’re ready for a change!  It’s time to let go of situations, perceptions, and attitudes that aren’t helping you. Employed or unemployed, it’s likely that you’re feeling as though you’re getting nowhere fast.  The hidden influence would be The Empress, which signifies coming abundance!!!  It’s critical that you listen to your inner voice, and pay attention to the bigger picture!  If you’re looking for a job, consider one that will allow you to satisfy all of your senses! Excellent options for nurturing you would be working with animals, children, and being in nature. If you hate what you’re doing, or feel as though others in your work environment just “don’t get you”, then look for a new position!  

Love –  The Fool arrived, representing a fun new cycle full of opportunities to boldly experience what you’ve never tried before. This card is all about expanding your horizons.  Be spontaneous, trust in the flow, and follow your heart’s desire!  If you’re single, it’s likely that you’re not going to meet “the one” this month, which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get out there, and enjoy the carefree adventure of being single.  If you’re in a relationship, the both of you need to let go and live in the moment, so that you can uninhibitedly recapture the simply joys that brought you together in the first place!


Spiritually –  The Star was drawn to represent your spirituality. The energy can be compared to experiencing an extreme storm that challenges your faith, and then breathing a sigh of virgorelief when you see that rainbow.  Holidays and vacations are often highlighted with this card. This month your energy, faith, and hope in your future will be renewed!  Don’t be surprised if you decide to start a new health or spiritual regimen, this card represents personal transformations!  We would reduce it to get Strength as the hidden influence, so it’s not going to be 100% smooth sailing; expect one issue that will test your patience.  As advice, towards yourself and others, forgive, forget and accept what you can’t change, as well as your short comings.  Enjoy this period of renewal and trust that if you keep looking, you will find what you’re looking for. This card is also an affirmation that you’re on the right track spiritually speaking.

Career –  Justice deals with karmic energy, and puts an emphasis on your need for more balance.  With this card, it’s likely that the person has been working very persistently towards a goal, and possibly feels punished (on the road to hell), but right now is not the time to give up!!! This card is an indication that your hard work is about to pay off!  This card arriving can also indicate that paper work and contracts will soon be signed.  Numerology wise, you obviously have a choice to make.  The hidden influence would be The High Priestess, and she would urge to wait before rushing to a decision, because there’s more than meets the eye here.   For those who are unemployed, it’s likely that a position will be available very soon!

Love –  The World represents a deep satisfying sense of accomplishment and completion!  It’s a gateway after having really learned a lesson the hard way. The World is the universe’s way of demonstrating that you’ve earned a promotion!  A relationship that’s represented with this card is a healthy and secure one; expect it to rise above your expectations!  If you’re single, and the opportunity to travel presents itself, by all means go, because chances are that you’ll meet someone!!!! If you can’t travel out of your city, think seriously about spending time in nature, or indulging in a creative pursuit, where you’ll meet like-minded people.  The hidden influence would be The Empress. You would be encouraged to be resourceful, to get creative, and to enjoy stimulating all of your senses!


Spiritually –  The 3 of Pentacles demonstrates that you’ve laid excellent ground work regarding your spirituality! This card is one that represents a project well received.  Can you feel Good Librayour spirit guides approval?  Your spirit guides are applauding your personal efforts!  It’s important to note that whenever a 3 arrives, it’s indicating that you’ve recently made a decision, but haven’t implemented it yet. Once you make your plans real, by taking baby steps, you will gain the growth and change that you’re craving!  This is a card that would encourage teamwork, investigating ancient rituals and or reaching out into the community. Workshops and evening courses would also be beneficial to you during this time.  The Empress is the hidden influence.  Nurture and accept yourself with unconditional love.  Consider developing a talent that you’ve been ignoring and pay attention to your intuition!

Career –  The 5 of Cups indicates that there’s some frustration and a definite perceived lack when it comes to your career.  This card often represents a bonus or raise that was beneath your expectations, or a promotion or a position that you were passed over for.  When we focus on what we don’t have discontentment is sure to follow, and it makes it extremely difficult to evoke upon our strengths. Don’t beat yourself up wondering if you’ve gone into the wrong field! Employed or not, there’s likely delays, and nothing appears stable, but then again, in this economy not many things are. The hidden influence would be The Heirophant. Unfortunately, now more than ever, it’s important to be organized, and to play by the rules, working within “the system”. Consider networking with an organization and or finding a mentor.  

Love –  The 9 of Swords isn’t the greatest card to see, but life isn’t all fun and games. There’s a sense of anxiety, needless fears, possibly some childhood wounds getting ripped open, and you’re probably not getting enough sleep because you’re too concerned with all the “what if’s?”  If you’re in a relationship and something about your relationship is bothering you, you need to examine the facts. Listen to your intuition. Communicate to your partner in a respectful, non-offensive way, “I feel _____ , when you do ____.”  If you’re in an abusive relationship, do not do this without first removing yourself from harm’s way! If you’re single, don’t despair, you’re really not going to be single forever, there’s someone out there for all of us, this is just your time to focus on yourself. As advice, obsessing over the worst case scenario is, in the metaphysical world, the same as praying for it. Manage your stress before it manages you!!!!!!  The Hermit is your hidden influence this month, putting an emphasis on your need for solitude, so that your inner wisdom can guide you.


Spiritually –  The 7 of Wands would represent that you’re experiencing a personal challenge, especially regarding creativity and passion. There’s a lot of determined conviction, aggression, competition and some hostility to the energy around you (ugh). Pick and choose your battles wisely; know what’s right and refuse to yield! You’re 70% through this tough Good Scorpiocycle, hang in there! The hidden influence would be The Chariot, indicating that you’re a spiritual warrior! There’s a lot of energy at your disposal here.  Be focused and clear regarding your intent!  As long as you control your impulses, while having a direct plan in place, you will achieve spiritual growth!    

Career –  The 8 of Swords represents a less than ideal professional life, where you’re likely feeling as though you’re not in control and almost imprisoned. This card indicates that you need to make an important decision and yet, they all look unappetizing. If you’re terrified of the unknown to the point that you don’t act, you’ll stay in your rut longer, needlessly causing yourself to suffer. Strength is the hidden influence, think mind over matter, patience, and compassion (towards everyone, even the co-worker/ boss who seems to go out of their way to make your work place a living hell.)  If you don’t like what you’re doing, find something else; whenever an 8 arrives, it’s an indicator that there are abundant opportunities surrounding you.

Love –  The Lovers indicates that single or not, you’re faced with many tempting choices!  For you single people out there, this is an excellent omen that a big romance is on its way! This card not only represents options, but the duality of the yin and yang in all of us.  If you’re in a relationship, you’re likely at a moral crossroads and or feeling ambivalent, as well as disappointed. The angel that looms above and between both of the partners in the tarot card is representative of a third party (person or issue) that’s threatening to cause havoc that leads to a divorce or separation.  If you suspect that your partner is cheating, pay attention to that! This card often represents a situation where the person is feeling conflicted, with the heart and head wanting to go in two different directions. As advice, re-examine your values. Ask yourself whether or not people’s actions are matching up to their words and proceed from there.


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