Numerology, and the Lowdown on Number 5

April 17, 2014 in Spirituality

Today’s reading is brought to you by the number 5. So sit back; relax and let Uncle Bert and Ernie tell you a story about the Number 5 (for best effect read this with the Sesame Street music playing in the background, it’s awesome)

I find numerology interesting and although I am not into it; I decided to read up and do a little search on the number five because I gave a very special friend a trinket and it has the number 5 embossed on one of its faces. I thought it will be fun to just go and look for its meaning in numerology; learn a few and get to share it with whoever may be interested.

(Please cue the music.)

They say that the shapes of a number reflect its nature. For example; the number 4 is square, pointy and grounded, the number 5 is a symbol of dynamic or rounded motion. The 4 is controlled, measured, synchronized, and static. The 5 is random, elastic and constantly in motion. The number five is rounded at the bottom and flat on top. Sort of like some of the women i know; nothing like an hour at the gym for three days a week won’t fix. If you fit that body type; going to the gym won’t work if you just go there to eat fries and drink diet coke, you need to use the equipment and do so some kind of a work out, just move a bit. Get that fatty grease on your hips to melt. And for those of you who don’t like sweating it out, don’t despair; i know a lot of guys who love spanking your junk but I digress, let’s get back to our subject.

The number 5 is said to be a very unpredictable number; a risk taker that is always seeking change. It is an equal mix of feminine and masculine qualities which makes it the metrosexuals of numbers. It is more feminine but the kind of feminine without the demure or submissive trait; more daring; which can make it a lesbian number; I think lesbians are way cool, especially when you get two of them in a room with some alcohol. But once again, I digress.

I strongly disagree; but according to the Cabal, it is the number of the perfect Man; Rottenecards_39813040_jvn89tsqrgthe one who got rid of his animal side (which means gay.) Men are generally a bunch of animals. A baboon I heard one woman say, and a pig says another. How can a perfect man be gay? Think of candy canes during Christmas, they look great but are only there for display; no one really eats them and they get put away or thrown away like garbage after the season. I have to admit, I am a beast; but only during sex; one of my better qualities. But unlike most men, I have good table manners. Mama trained me well. Again I digress, (why on earth do I keep digressing?).

According to the Bible, it is the symbol of the Man-God (Gaylord) by the five wounds of the Christ on the cross. But it is also associated to the man in general having an unstable character of duality; which proves my point. Am I in or out of the closet, am I gay or not? Is it bacon or quiche? I still prefer lesbians for their cool factor.

The number 5 is also found on the human body: the five fingers of the hand and the 5 sensesfeet, the five senses: touch, taste, sense of smell, hearing and the sight. The five members of the body; two arms, two legs and the head, the bust being the center (I know some men will disagree; they think they have three legs,, dream on buddy,, dream on. For all I know you could be a metrosexual, which is most likely, so what’s the use of having three legs? It’s a total waste. But once again I digress, I’m sorry)

The number five is considered to be the symbol of the universe and the mediator between God and the universe (so macho. I bet some guy named Gaylord who happens to be a number five had to put that one in just for balance. Unfortunately he did not fool me and I know you are very thankful to me for pointing that one out: never to worry, I’ve got your back covered, you are welcome, but I digress, sorry).

The number 5 is said to be a nuptial number by the Etruscans and Romans because snuffleupagusit is the first number resulting from the addition of the first male and the first female number (what those numbers are, I have no clue, why don’t you get off your butt and look it up, then get back to me)? It is the symbol of creative life and erotic love, according to Jung. If you don’t know who Jung is, then I suggest you ask Mr Snuffleupagus (trust me that’s the right spelling. He spell checked it while we were drinking beer on a deck overlooking my very hot neighbour sun bathing; it’s her deck by the way, we snuck in after she fell asleep sunbathing. It’s her husbands’ beer we are drinking. It’s ok. Mr Snuffleupagus has permission. To do spell checks. But I digress)

The significance of the number 5 for the Tibetans is that there are five elements connected to five geometrical forms: the cube to the ground, the sphere to water, the cone to fire, the half-circle to air, and the flame to ether. The spacial representation of the number 5 is the pyramid (5 summits with 5 faces) and also the pentagram (5 sides). And in my world, it’s the red ninja. Make that 5 red ninjas.

Number 5 is said to be the prevailing number in nature and art, it symbolizes Fire leofireand the Stigmata. It is the number for harmony and balance. It is also the number of the divine grace. It relates to the star sign Leo. Its related planet is Mercury and the Tarot Card representative of the 5 vibration is the Hierophant. And from an expert I interviewed personally, I quote “The Hierophant is the major arcana 5, and whenever a 5 arrive, it’s representative of a very frustrating situation.” (For metrosexuals, it is a conundrum as to which strategy to use as to when and where to drop the soap in the mens’ locker room and when to start a swordfight. But if you are an Asian metrosexual, it’s a pocket knife fight, but once again I digress. I’m terribly sorry) disclaimer – although I am Asian I am not and will never be considered a metrosexual, hence I heard of, but have never been involved in a “pocket knife” fight.

It was also mentioned during that interview that when she “pulls” a Hierophant from the deck, that she uses words in her reading like erratic activity, unpredictable behaviour, passion and also the possibility of travel. As a digression; during the interview, I noticed how hot she is and I wish that she can give my deck a few pulls. But that’s another wishful thinking, like the 5 red ninjas.

The number 5 symbolizes curiosity, freedom and change, and represents the five senses of humanity.  It is the pivotal point between the numbers 1 to 9: it is in the center of the magic square using the first 9 numbers. The 5 represents a variety of experiences through its developed senses, and offers many opportunities for decisions for the future. There is constant activity and curiosity about life for the number 5. (I bet it’s another guy named Gaylord who wrote that one just to make it interesting, but I am never going to take the bait. That’s why I have my soap on a rope. Unless it’s a lesbian who did and in that case,,, “oops I have a bad back, can you pick that up for me? ,,, please”).

A person who is ruled by the number five has a great flare for living, and enjoys the adventure mangood things in life.  They are happy to share these with their partner. They are outgoing and an extrovert and their natural introverted energy may lead them to an interest in the unknown and metaphysical studies. They have the ability to adapt and change easily. Number 5s’ are free spirits who have a sense of adventure and curiosity about life. They have a desire to expand their horizons and gain insights into the lifestyles of other cultures. They are friendly and approachable, with a talent for finding common ground with nearly everyone they meet. (Hah! You thought that I would digress on this one didn’t you ,,,suckerrrr)

Orange is a colour that is well suited to a number 5 individual because it reflects their bright cheerful and positive nature. Yeah,, like Halloween. That’s also when all the gays and lesbians come out to play. I always run with the lesbian crowd of course. They are way cool. But once again, I digress.


Anyways, that’s too much digression and I think I have taken a lot of your time already just to tell you a story of the number 5. So what have we learned from this reading?


The number 5 is a gay or a lesbian number since it’s in the middle of the number zeusspectrum; between 1 and 9. So if you are in the male side. You are definitely metrosexual so don’t be surprised if you have the urge to drop that soap in the locker room but try not to stare please. Your number 5 is decorated with balloons, kittens, flowers, butterflies, high heels and fishnet stockings. You shave your chest and back. Heck you will even remove all visible hair from your body except on your head; damn that’s a disgusting thought. You spend a lot of time grooming your hair until you reach the age of 30 when they start to thin out. Your hairline starts to recede and you have to think of hair transplant. I strongly suggest if you start saving now, I heard they are expensive. You smell girly, your fingers are well manicured, and you walk with a lilt a real girly man.


If you are in the female side it means you can be a lesbian and I maintained that you dragon 5are extremely cool in my books, your number five is decorated with flames, snakes, dragons, a rocket launcher muscle cars frogs, lizards and even bacon. You don’t wear perfume because you know that a fresh bath with soap and shampoo is a very sexy scent. You scratch in public. At one time in your life you wanted to grow hair on your chest but of course being a lesbian you are smart not to. You like wearing a hoodie, you like getting your hands dirty and you can beat the crap off any metrosexuals; they are a bunch of wimps. You and your friend can join me anytime. I have beer.

You are welcome!

The Spiritual Alchemy and Magickal Properties of Copper

April 9, 2014 in Spirituality

Metals were prized by our ancestors for their Magickal properties as well as their practical use just like gemstones. Temples built bankock templeto honor their gods and goddesses were often adorned with precious metals and gems. They often include precious metals in their architectural design, decorations and even with the icons that represent their deities. This practice continued throughout the modern world, although the connections were lost and often misunderstood.

Most information on metals and minerals were handed down through the ages from alchemy. Alchemists believed that any substance or material can be broken down into its simplest elemental correspondence. They assert that materials of lesser value have the potential to be chemically altered into materials of higher value. These primitive chemists were supposedly able to transform lead into gold. 

Alchemist believed that a connection between heaven and earth exist, including the energies of the sun, the moon, and the planets; thus they coordinated their work in harmony with celestial movements. They believe that metals relate to a particular planet and a magical-correspondences-to-days-of-the-weekday of the week.

Metals are often used for rituals and spells. Gold, silver, steel copper and iron were among the most common metals used. For example; a thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services in the Christian faith, Similarly; many Esoterics choose specific metals that correspond to their desired goals for a ritual.

While metals are regarded to be sacred, they are impure upon acquisition and must be cleansed and charged through sacred ritual(s). Once this is done, their specific properties can be harnessed. Different metals emit their own unique vibrations, and their resonances can be tapped for Magickal purposes. It is best to research the type of metal you want to use in your own ritual or spell. The internet is loaded with this type of information.



Copper was in use as early as 9000 BC in the Middle East, and was certainly used for magical purposes by ancient pagans. In the pagan Greek tradition, there were seven planets and seven known metals. Each metal and planet is associated with a pagan god.

Copper is linked with Venus; both the planet and the goddess of love; it is the universal symbol for female and represented by the symbol ankh in hieroglyphics; the symbol for eternal life. The character of the planet and goddess Venus is passive, receptive, magnetic, feminine, relating, adapting, kindness, gentleness, and enjoyment.

Copper is associated with the Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte and Ishtar. It is also associated with the country of Cyprus which venusmost claim to be “The Sacred Isle of the Goddess Venus”, and how copper got its name.

In pagan tradition, after the birth of Venus, she washed up on the shore of Cyprus on a clam shell; In Homer’s Odyssey; Venus goes to Cyprus to the city of Paphos for an oil rubdown after being humiliated before the other Olympians. Kupros was another name for Venus, and the island of Cyprus was considered her special place.

North Americans pronounce, “Cyprus” as “Psy-press”; but the Greeks pronounce it as “Ku-pros,” which is some sort of homophone for copper when pronounced. This pronunciation is also English for the chemical compound of copper (Cu.), such as “Cuprous Carbonate,” the green patina that forms on copper and its alloy when exposed to natural weathering and oxidation. A freshly exposed surface of copper has a reddish-orange color.

Copper is one of the most inexpensive and probably the easiest metal to obtain. Found in nuggets, sometimes in rough spiky coppercrystal-clumps or strands; it is ductile with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable.

Copper is known to have a great connecting power. It can easily combine with other metals to form an alloy such as bronze; a combination of tin and copper. A time period in the development of modern civilization is also called the Bronze age.

Copper easily transfers warmth and electricity, which makes it a powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical. Esoterics believes it to be great for directing Magickal energy to acts as an aide in the body’s healing process.  They also attribute many of the same wonderful healing qualities to crystals and minerals that contain copper traces.

Esoterics believe that it is the super conductor in facilitating the transfer of energies and uses it in creating crystal wands and other means of transferring the energy of crystals. It is often used in tandem with lucky gemstones and a preferred metal for making witching wands. It is common in rituals involving love, but it is also powerful when it comes to money. It is often considered a good luck metal:  bits of copper, when placed in the kitchen will attract money.

Healers base their belief in copper’s power to heal the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties. Since copper is a good conductor of energy; it can move psychic or mental energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies, resulting in a more vitalized individual with amplified thoughts. They also attribute the powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification, increased self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.

Coppers’ popularity for healing began to see a rise in popularity in the west starting in the early 70s. People who believe in its braclethealing power acknowledged it as a very powerful instrument against arthritic and rheumatic ailments. They also turn to copper for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.      

Believers swear that copper positively influences blood circulation in the body since it also stimulates the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood. Copper supposedly eases the pain of sciatica, pulled muscles, arthritis and rheumatism. Today, many arthritis sufferers wear copper bracelets to relieve pain.

Others claim that because the astrological sign Libra; which is represented by a set of balancing scales is ruled by the planet Venus; copper is supposed to have a “balancing” effect upon whatever body part it touches. 

When a person is ill, it is believed that the energies in the body are not in balance or are blocked and copper is worn usually on the receiving side of the body (non-dominant), to balance these energies and to stimulate the bodys’ natural healing abilities.  It is supposed to harmonize the body’s energies and readjusts any misalignment of the body’s polarity clearing blockages in the flow of energy.  Copper is also supposed to act as a love charm on the basis of the previously noted association with Venus the Goddess of Love.  Copper strengthens the consciousness of its wearer and strengthens the bonds of family.

In ancient Egypt, it is used for sterilizing wounds and drinking water, and as time passed, for headaches, burns, and itching. Hippocrates used copper to treat leg ulcers associated with varicose veins. Ancient Aztecs fought sore throats by gargling with copper mixtures.

A word of caution: Copper when can cause Copperiedus poisoning. Copper in the body has been linked to liver cirrhosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Elixirs using copper should be created using indirect methods only. A mask should be worn when cutting copper or sharpening copper tools. It is safe to handle, but you should wash your hands afterwards.



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April Tarotscopes

April 1, 2014 in Spirituality, Tarot

Please let me know if you’re having issues logging in, or would like to write a post.  Lynda51 won the tarot reading contest for this month! Before you read your tarotscope for April, if you’re interested in winning a copy of the book Blood Ritual Monarch, please see the earlier post to get a sneak peak!


Spiritually –  The Hanged Man is influencing your spirituality this month and asks you to surrender to what you can’t control. It’s Good Ariesfeeling stuck and experiencing delays. As advice, hang in there, change is the one guarantee in life.  You need to let go of limiting self-beliefs, and anything else in your patterns of thinking that aren’t working for you anymore. It’s likely that you’re feeling at a crossroads and experiencing a little bit of “cabin fever”; be patient and generous, remember that we what put our focus on, is what we manifest.  Further reduced, we get 3, which indicates that you’re ready for a change that will lead to advancement.  The Empress is the hidden influence. You would be encouraged to spend more time nurturing yourself, and you should consider volunteer work with animals, and young children.  Get outside as much as you can, and let Mother Nature inspire you during this magickal time of renewal!

Career –  The 5 of Wands represents a frustrating and competitive situation, with a lot of the energy being out of your hands. Employed or unemployed, play hard, let the competition bring out the best beast in you, but play fair. The Hierophant’s energy is also influencing your situation, which means that to further your career; you’re going to need to conform in small ways.  As advice, be traditional in your approaches, go through the ‘proper’ chains of command, and consider jobs that include identifying with a group, school, organization, institution and/ or the government.  Keep your eyes open for a very rigid powerful person in a position of leadership to help you further your career even faster.

Love –  Strength is one of the cards that’s related to compassion, lust, and patience.  You would be encouraged to control your inner beast and put mind over matter for the best results.  If you’re in a relationship, this card would demonstrate that while every relationship is hard work, that yours is strong, and has what it takes to endure the test of time.  If you’re single, get extremely clear on your intents!  You should have new found confidence in your worth as a person, don’t stay at home, get off of the computer, and consider looking for a Leo- this card is an excellent omen for finding love!


Spiritually –  The Moon brings an unsettling energy, and nagging anxieties if you allow your imagination to get the worst of you. taurasYou need to pay attention to your dreams, and rely heavily on your intuition. The Moon will illuminate truths that need dealing with. When this card arrives, often deep seeded memories can resurface.  This card would point to you having a small supportive group of women to lean on when times get tough.  The worst aspect of this card, when it comes to your spirituality, is that the good and bad choices appear so similar. Remember that all the answers are within you!  This is a good month for you to spend time exploring books on spirituality, to meditate and to consider having some healing work done. The hidden influence would be The Hermit. Expect some independent moments full of introspection. Important keywords for you numerology wise are; vision, invention, influence, intellectual power, attainment and anticipation!!!  Don’t forget that this 9 indicates that you’re much closer to crossing that finish line than you think!

Career –  The Star would represent that you will experience an ease in struggles this month, which brings you that much closer to realizing your goals. You should find that your creative juices are flowing, and it’s highly possible that you’ll be inspired to nurture a buried talent, or head in a completely different direction. Think positively, dream big, revamp that resume and get ready for opportunities that will give you renewed hope for your future! The hidden influence would be Strength, and being an 8, it would indicate that there are abundant opportunities all around you! Other numerology keywords are observation, intentions, repetition and infinity.  Put your focus and energy into what you want to achieve, negotiate as much as you can, and keep your mind over matter!

Love –   The 2 of Pentacles is a card that indicates that you need to be more open to change, and calculated risk taking! Whenever a 2 arrives, it’s indicating that the person needs to make a decision. The High Priestess is the hidden influence here, so single or not, listen to your intuition, and be ready for some new admirers!  If you’re in a relationship, and it hasn’t been smooth sailing lately, ask yourself, “Am I really making the relationship a priority?”  ”What is my role in improving the relationship?” This card would demonstrate that there are 2 main issues that are standing between you and your partner’s happiness.  Chances are that both partners have a pressing need to create more balance between work and the relationship. This card predicts change, which could represent difficulties if the relationship isn’t at the top of your to do list.  If you’re single, make sure that you’re truly emotionally available before you break someone’s heart.  Also, if you’re single, and someone keeps trying to get your attention, but it’s erratic, be careful, this card can often demonstrate someone who’s juggling more than one partner, or lifestyle.


Spiritually –  The Queen of Swords being a court card, could be representing you, or someone in your life who can help you with geminiyour spirituality. They would be 34 years and up, have lighter hair and eyes, be very intuitive, seem emotionally cut off, is direct to the point of being abrasive (you don’t want to mess with her/him), is a good business person, possibly an air sign and potentially works with a sharp instrument (pen, knife, etc.)  Think logically, head over heart, and see your entire situation as it really is, so that you can plan your progress with the power that acknowledging the truth brings! Consider getting rid of any emotional baggage that could be potentially holding you back by detaching, reinforcing personal boundaries and by using natural methods to heal. Keeping a dream journal could assist you in seeing what’s under the surface.  Knowing what you’re dealing with is half the battle.

Career –  The Ace of Pentacles represents that you’re starting a new cycle full of opportunities!  The energy is raw, and more symbolic of prosperity.  You should see that your efforts are rewarded and achieve tangible results.  If you’re considering making a move, or even striking it out on your own, this card is a positive affirmation that you have the potential to make your dreams a reality! Furthermore, the hidden influence is The Magician, which indicates that you will make better use of your talents after you apply yourself with the power of your focus!

Love –  The Page of Cups being a court card, could be representing a person in your life, but more often than not, the pages all represent new cycles, messages, and characteristics that you’re currently developing. This page would be kind, sentimental, intuitive, idealistic, very well mannered, sympathetic, generous, artistic, forgiving, and a bit of a dreamer. You’re also in a very intuitive cycle, and need to pay attention to gut reactions. Often times this card arrives before you’re about to have a surprising encounter!  Remember, there are no coincidences; they’re really synchronicities that have a reason. If you’re in a relationship, you would be encouraged to make romance more of a priority (a regular date night).  If you’re single, keep your eyes open for someone who matches this Page’s description, and get ready for a heady romance that will have your head spinning!


Spiritually –  Ace of Swords demonstrates that you’re at peak, especially intellectually!  There’s a need for you to examine your Good Cancerperspectives regarding an obstacle and adversities that surround you. You want the truth and justice; it’s highly likely that you’ll be championing some cause this month. There’s a new beginning that’s bringing some anxiety issues with it, but have the fear and face it anyways- you will triumph!  The energy of this card translates into you getting brutally honest with yourself and getting rid of any behaviors, and or belief systems that don’t compliment you, so that you can truly progress!  The hidden influence would be The Magician, ensuring that you’ll be able to make better use of your talents, and passion, in order to manifest what you need!

Career –  The Empress is an outstanding omen for an abundant month!  It’s an excellent time for you to demonstrate your ability to be resourceful, creative and nurturing at work. This card would indicate that you’re looking for some change regarding your career, and even better, another keyword would be advancement! If you want a raise in salary, ask, the timing is good!  If you’re looking for a new position, think about going into an area where you’ll be able to harmonize with nature, or connect with children, the elderly and/or animals in a supportive role.

Love –  The Devil represents feeling restricted, helpless and trapped. The hidden influence is The Lovers, which puts more of an emphasis on the temptation aspects, and suggests that you’re at a moral crossroads.  If you’re in a relationship it’s likely that you and/or your partner is feeling stuck or bored and there’s an element of temptation.  Great questions to ask yourself would be; “Has my relationship become like a bad habit?  Is my partner manipulative, and or controlling?  Does my partner trust me and do I trust them?  Is our relationship healthy?”  This doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed to end.  Breath some passion back into your relationship, behave as you did during the early courtship, romanticize one another and try new activities!!!!  If you’re single, and there’s a hot prospect who is very charismatic, be so careful! I don’t care how gorgeous and sexy they appear to be, they have invisible horns and just want to play with you!


Spiritually –  The Magician arrived to represent that this is your month to realize your true potential!  Expect to feel a strong leoconnection with your divinity and to be reminded of your life’s purpose.  Revisit your intentions, create a plan, and then get busy! Once you fully commit yourself and apply the force of your will with action, there’s just no stopping you! Keep your expectations high, believe that you can do it, and consider getting involved with like-minded individuals or studying a new practice that you haven’t had time for previously.

Career –  The 7 of Swords could indicate that there’s some level of deception around you, not to mention some dirty office politics. It would also represent that you’re tempted to run away and shirk some responsibilities- don’t!  If there’s an issue that you’ve been avoiding dealing with, it’s time to fight fire with fire, but make sure that your actions are above reproach!  This is a strategy card, which means that you need to be tricky with your application.  Try new methods until you find what works for you.  If you’re unemployed, network as much as you can!  The hidden influence at play is The Chariot. Have clear cut goals, be determined, use your sheer will power, assert yourself while curbing your impulsiveness, and with hard control you will achieve VICTORY!

Love –  Death represents endings, new starts and a period of transformations. This bitter sweet energy is positive, and translates into progress, but that’s not to say that it’s not emotionally challenging. Single or attached, the longer that you resist or choose to deny the changes, the harder that becoming accustomed to them will be.  Accept what you can’t change, and consider ending any destructive patterns of behavior.  If you’re in a relationship, attitudes are changing, and it’s time that the both of you had a brutally honest discussion about your feelings, and your future. If you’re single, re-examine your attitudes, your behavior, and start doing something new!!!!  All of the 4′s represent blocks, and this one is going to be longer lasting than most, being a major arcana card. Reduced, we get the hidden influence of The Emperor.  When it comes to making that difficult choice, put your head first, be logical, and assert yourself!  Only you know what’s best for you! Numerology keywords would be motion, erratic behavior, adventures, passion, achievement and humility.


Spiritually –  The 10 of Wands  represents that you’re at the end of what’s been an overwhelming cycle. You’ve likely had to virgomanage a tough situation, with most of the responsibility having landed on you. The stress, and the struggles, are finally coming to an end. The Wheel of Fortune is the hidden influence, which means that swift change is coming soon!  When this card arrives, it often indicates that your stress has manifested in the body, physically causing back aches, a sore neck, and headaches. Consider your emotional baggage, and find ways to lessen your load. It’s critical that you look after your health!!!!  Make yourself a priority, delegate when you can and don’t be too proud to ask for help.

Career –  The 8 of Swords represents a less than ideal professional life, where you’re likely feeling as though you’re not in control and almost imprisoned. This card indicates that you need to make an important decision and yet, they all look unappetizing. If you’re terrified of the unknown to the point that you don’t act, you’ll stay in your rut longer, needlessly causing yourself to suffer. Strength is the hidden influence, think mind over matter, patience, and compassion (towards everyone, even the co-worker/ boss who seems to go out of their way to make your work place a living hell.)  If you don’t like what you’re doing, find something else; whenever an 8 arrives, it’s an indicator that there’s abundant opportunities surrounding you.

Love –  The 9 of Pentacles would represent that you’re fully capable of being independent, and if you’re in a relationship that you’re questioning- get out quick!!!! When this card appears, the message is that Mr. or Mrs. Perfect For You is out there, and it’s an excellent omen for you single people!  If you’re in a relationship and you feel that it’s solid, then it’s clearly time to take it to the next level!  The hidden influence would be The Hermit, which is a strong indicator that you’re more than enough on your own, and that you don’t need anyone to fulfill you.  I want to point out that whenever a 9 arrives in a reading, that the person is so much closer to attaining their goal than they may realize. Numerology keywords would be vision, invention, influence, intellectual power, attainment and anticipation!


Spiritually –  The 2 of Swords would indicate that you’re avoiding dealing with an issue, which has left you at a stalemate, Good Librabecause you’re afraid to make the wrong choice. Important keywords, numerology wise would be: balance, contrast, negotiation, partnerships and choice.  The energy of this card often represents a situation where the person is feeling stuck, being defensive and keeping others emotionally distant. When you’re feeling inner conflict, there are often more choices than meets the mind’s eye.  As advice, consider talking to a trusted friend, or using a journal, where you can expose your true feelings and pay attention to your dreams!  The High Priestess is the hidden influence, and she would whisper for you to “proceed with caution, because there’s hidden potential, or information that will reveal itself soon.”

Career –  The 2 of Wands demonstrates that you’re at a crossroads, and have a decision to make. You choose the focus, what’s really important to you when it comes to your career?  It’s important that you pay careful attention to matters of balance.  If you’re employed, or unemployed, The High Priestess is the hidden influence and she’s whispering that you must also pay caution and be patient, because there’s some potential that you don’t know about yet!  If you’re employed, the office atmosphere is going to become more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a job, it’s coming sooner than you think.

Love –  The 5 of Cups demonstrates that you’re going to experience some emotional disappointment with regards to your love life. Numerology wise, The Hierophant’s influence would also come into play.  Sticking to tried and true methods is strongly encouraged (which unfortunately translates into you having to conform in some way.)   If you’re in a relationship, it’s not living up to your expectations, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. When this card arrives, it’s important to note that there’s still some potential there!  The energy is similar to crying over spilled milk and choosing to see the cup as half empty or half full. All of the 5′s in the deck represent short lived frustration, and there’s bound to also be some unpredictable erratic behavior from both you and your partner.  You’re 50% of the way through this cycle. Everything happens for a reason, let go of the past and start living again!  If you’re single, go out and do the things that you enjoy, stay off line, and don’t accept blind dates!


Spiritually –  The 9 of Wands indicates some unfounded anxieties, and has a very defensive energy with it. When this card arrives,Good Scorpio the person has recently been through some trying times that definitely tested their perseverance.  It’s likely that you’re experiencing some faith and or trust issues. What doesn’t kill us, really does make us stronger, and believe it or not, you’re past has served to prepare you well for what’s ahead. You’re likely feeling fatigued, and a little less than optimistic.  You would be advised to discipline yourself strictly, especially with your focus. Guided meditations will help you get the rest that you need. Be very honest about what concerns you, and don’t let your imagination get the worst of you! The hidden influence is The Hermit, indicating that while you’re most likely feeling painfully alone, this is an important time of where introspection and solitude will lead you to the answers that you seek.

Career –  The 10 of Swords arrived to demonstrate that on an intellectual level, you’re likely feeling defeated, hopeless, possibly betrayed, and you’re intellectually stabbing yourself to death (regarding your career). Employed or unemployed, this month brings an end to an exhaustive cycle.  The hidden influence here would be The Wheel of Fortune, and, as long as you don’t quit trying, your luck is about to swiftly change in your favor!

Love –  The Knight of Pentacles being a court card could be representing you, or a person in your life. They would have darker features, be 18-34 years of age, they could be an earth sign, at first seem boring or shy, they would be practical, methodical, trustworthy, pay attention to detail, be hard working, often in a trade, too fond of wearing neutral colours and extremely cautious (very slow when approaching anything and everything.) This is the most dependable of all the knights and it demonstrates slow, but steady growth. If you’re single, it’s clear that you need to try some new approaches, because what you’re doing isn’t working.  If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely not fireworks and romance, but with the focus being more on the sense of duty.  As advice, shake it up, you be the gasoline, and then throw in a spark!!!!!


Spiritually –  The king of Pentacles, being a court card, he could be representing an actual person in your life who’s in a position Good Sagitarriusto help further develop your spirituality. They would be over 34 years of age, have darker features, could be an earth sign, would be practical, methodical, trustworthy, hardworking, often in a trade, and extremely cautious (very slow when approaching anything and everything). This King knows that a person cannot thrive with business, without paying careful attention to matters of balance. Take the actions that this King would. Nurture your spirituality, and your spirituality will nurture your life!

Career –  The Knight of Wands, being a court card, could be representing you or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you further your career.  They would be creative, passionate, look exotic to you, be 18-34 years old, be adventurous, take risks, completely believe in their abilities to the point of being down right cocky and daring to boot!!  Whether you’re employed or not, this card translates into positive messages regarding work, you’re fired up and ready to go, and this card indicates that you’re actually pursuing a project or idea, and the “force is with you.”

Love –  The Chariot is an indication that you’re on the right path and possess the ambition, power and determination to be successful in love!  The rule of the 7′s, is that they all bring personal challenges, and this one is major, being that it’s major arcana. The energy of this card is intense; karma based and demonstrates a situation or relationship, where one person is wanting to push too hard, too fast.  The advice is to control your impulses, to reinforce your boundaries, and to not lose sight of the finish line! Relationships, at times, are all hard work. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner are likely dealing with opposing views/ or opinions and need a heart to heart, so that you can find a middle ground.  If you’re single, caution!  This card, when representing a person, is often a player, with chiseled features, and wild sex appeal.  Before getting involved, be sure that both parties are clear on one another’s intentions.


Spiritually –  The Ace of Cups indicates that you’re very connected with your divinity this month.  Loved ones who have passed are capricornattempting to demonstrate their love for you (keep your eyes open for synchronicities)! This is one of the biggest love and/or birth indicators, and this is the start of a very happy cycle for you!  Your spirituality and intuition are emphasized, bringing a calming influence and more balance your way.  The Magician is the hidden influence, bringing you opportunities for new beginnings! Have great expectations and consider exploring a new spiritual practice. You have everything that you need to create that growth that you desire.  Never underestimate the power of one!

Career –  The 3 of Swords is commonly known as “the divorce card” and indicates that you’ll be feeling sharp stabs of disappointment to your ego, especially regarding your career. If you’re feeling some conflict and unnecessary struggle, consider approaching your chain of command and asking what you can personally do to make the situation more productive (and bearable for you.)  If there seems to be just one person who’s causing you grief, limit your interactions with them as much as possible. The hidden influence is The Empress, and she insists that any problems can be solved using compassion, creativity and resourcefulness.  If you’re unemployed, change the way that you’re approaching the job market, and consider going into fields that you haven’t already tried.

Love –  The Fool arrived, representing a fun new cycle full of opportunities to boldly experience what you’ve never tried before. This card is all about expanding your horizons.  Be spontaneous, trust in the flow, and follow your heart’s desire!  If you’re single, it’s likely that you’re not going to meet “the one” this month, which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get out there, and enjoy the carefree adventure of being single.  If you’re in a relationship, the both of you need to let go and live in the moment, so that you can uninhibitedly recapture the simply joys that brought you together in the first place!


Spiritually –  Justice is a karma based card, what goes around, comes around, and so if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! Aquarius-aquarius-25142911-308-425This card is an affirmation that, right now, you’re exactly where you need to be in life. It’s time for you to get brutally honest with yourself and to make any necessary changes, so that you influence a better future for yourself (diet, exercise, etc.)  There’s a need to pay extra attention to issues regarding balance and grounding meditations would be helpful for you.  The hidden influence is The High Priestess.  Trust your inner voice, acknowledge your shadow self, and expect to discover some important potential that you’re not currently aware of. You need to make a choice and would be advised to wait until you have all the information that you need.  Numerology keywords for you are; balance, contrast, partnerships, negotiation and choice.

Career –  The 10 of Pentacles arrived to represent the blessings of wealth and achievement for all of your efforts! You would be encouraged to network within your community to expand your outlook and professional possibilities. The subtle energy that’s influencing you is, The Wheel of Fortune, which means that you’re at a pivotal turning point that could spin your entire life in directions that you didn’t expect! Employed, or unemployed, this card is an excellent omen. Whatever you need, a higher paying job, or a different position, it’s right there waiting for you- so keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love –  The 8 of Wands represents that while currently there could be some issues that are out of your control, there’s soon to be a lot of changes in a positive direction!  Single or not, this is a card that represents raw sexuality, and a very fertile situation- so be careful!  This is a highly charged, fast paced, and intense sexual energy, but not a very committed one. If you’re single, you can expect a lot of flirtatious attention from admirers and even a short lived heady romance that will sweep you off your feet! If you’re in a relationship, and it seems to be going nowhere, or you’re experiencing struggles, communicate that with compassion and have patience. Strength is the hidden influence, so there’s another emphasis on the lust factor, and the need to control the inner beast.


Spiritually –  The king of Wands being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help good piecesyou with your personal growth.  They would be 34 years of age+, evolved with the arts, possess a creative energy, be teaching or consulting, have a lot of integrity, is very generous, has a commanding presence, could be an entrepreneur, is bold, charismatic, is a natural leader, often looks exotic/ almost theatrical, and is possibly a fire sign. This is a dare from the tarot, for you to start drawing outside of the lines, especially with your spirituality!  The safe and easy route, to this King, is unacceptable and too boring. Believe in yourself, have the courage of your convictions, and consider doing adventurous meditations, such as hiking in the mountains or painting your own masterpiece.

Career –  The Knight of Swords, being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you further your career.  Keep an eye out for someone who’s younger than 34 years of age, is blunt to the point of being rude (at times), is ambitious, aggressive, intellectually based, self-motivated, works with communications, or a sharp instrument (law enforcement, dentist, writer, surgeon, etc.), has lighter features, and is possibly an air sign.  This is an excellent omen that you’re at your peak, intellectually speaking, and that a desirable opportunity is about to head your way!  If you’re looking for a job, the search won’t be much longer.  If you’re employed, get ready to outshine everyone else with all that you’re going to be able to accomplish!

Love –   The 3 of Cups is an awesome card for those of you who are single!  Get out and mingle!  Invest some time doing hobbies that you enjoy on a social level, because Mr. or Miss. Right Now is out there, just waiting for you!  It’s possible that an ex will call, remember that an ex is an ex for a reason, and I don’t care how great the physical chemistry was, stay strong!!!  If you’re in a relationship, your focus will most likely be more on friends and family at this time. This being another 3, would put an emphasis on opportunities and advancement being all around you, because we would take into account The Empress’s energy as being the hidden influence. It’s clearly time for you to experience unconditional love on some level and celebrate life!

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by Juliana

Tales of Demon Conjuring, Madness and Mind Control (a book preview, with a chance to win a copy!)

March 20, 2014 in Spirituality

blood moon ritualIf you enjoy horror, the paranormal, the occult, or a great ghost story, then the book Blood Ritual Monarch is for you!  The author, Blood Ritual Monarch (now one of us;) has offered to give one lucky member a full copy of his “fictional horror”novel for free! If you’d like to be considered for that free copy , please send Blood Ritual Monarch a personal message with your email address. If you would like to skip the contest, and purchase it directly, please use this link  or, for a limited time only, you can get it for a special price by following this link to his site

The following is an excerpt preview from the book, which is a true tale of demon conjuring, blood-sex magick, madness and mind control!

 Please be forewarned that the following is very graphic and sexually explicit in nature.

A Sneak Peak at the novel!

11. Online Dating: Sex-Blood Ritual Cougars

As discussed in the last chapter, I had left my wife and was now living in my office. I had managed to get past the first week of indecision and was truly committed to leaving her for good. The only issues were that my drinking had gotten worse….although it’s hard to say because I switched from beer to red wine…or maybe that’s a rationalization. Either way, the ante had been upped because I was behaving in my office pretty much the same way I used to behave at home. Things were getting weirder and more dangerous each and every night which spilled over into my workday. I could not threaten my ability to earn an income with bizarre actions like wiping blood everywhere or leaving notes about Montauk and rape hidden all over the office.


I thought that some human interaction would help to mitigate this behavior and possibly be of therapeutic benefit. I was never much of a flirt and the idea of cheating while married never crossed my mind. Now that I was a free agent, the prospect of talking to and possibly meeting women was very exciting. I really didn’t know where to begin….I thought; I’m into older women with red hair and pale, freckly skin. So while chugging wine in the office after hours, I stumbled upon I put up an old bodybuilding competition photo and typed a profile that was nowhere near what I was really like. Well, maybe a little bit….of course I left out the extra-weird stuff.


Searches could be filtered based on hair and eye color so I initially focused on green-eyed redheaded cougars. Oh my; things got really out-of-control in the blink of an eye….but not in the usual way. There was no blood or destruction (at first) but seeing the photos of those older redheaded women did something to my brain. Instead of crying, cutting myself, and/or growling and destroying things, I wrote some seriously bizarre stuff to these ladies. However, I wasn’t the least bit conscious while writing it….as soon as I started looking at the images of red hair and freckles, a switch was flipped…instantly.


I’d wake up the next morning on the floor or slumped over in my office chair and immediately go into that familiar cold sweat. I’d think…oh fuck….what did I do this time! Instead of scanning for blood and destruction I’d go right into the Sent items folder of my account. The things I said to those women made me cringe….stuff that had never crossed my mind while in a normal state of consciousness.


I told them that I loved them and that they were my Mothers of Darkness (in relation to mind control; these women kept the children alive while they were being programmed), and that I wanted them to run away with me. I also talked about mind control, Montauk, demons, etc. I would say vaguely sexual things to them but never anything too overt or vulgar. I told some of them that we had performed in blood / sex rituals together at Balmoral in Scotland and we were lucky to have broken through the mind control barriers to be able to speak directly, etc. I told a particularly freckled cougar that I wanted to lick and suck the essence out of each and every freckle and that I’d name all of them…for whatever reason, freckles used to make me go nuts.


I was lucky that I wasn’t reported… some blocked me but most remained curious. I think they were entertained, felt sorry for me, or both. However, all of the redheads that talked to me on Dateacougar lived in Texas, California, or other places too far from where I was located. There was no way we could take it to the next level and meet in person. I was always about the extreme….constantly pushing it. Online interaction wouldn’t be enough.


Then a Parisian woman from Montreal wanted to talk to me on the phone. She was rather specific; she was living in Montreal but was from Paris….it’s a French thing I guess. And let me tell you; whenever you pass a certain point while interacting with a woman online they always want to talk on the phone. I detest the phone…it’s like an electronic ball and chain. And I’ve mentioned previously that telephones trigger me somehow…I have destroyed many of those infernal gadgets during blackouts. Anyway, she insisted on a phone conversation or no more online chatting.


She called me and started in with that French accent…ohhh, I loved it. After some initial discussion about where we lived, the weather, etc. I asked her to talk dirty in French. I had a bottle of wine in me and wanted to push the boundaries…I’m addicted to upping the ante. So she starts speaking rapid-fire French…then whap; I wake up and my office is a mess. I didn’t know what the hell had happened. I mean, I’m used to waking up from blackouts surrounded by chaos and destruction but it hadn’t occurred in my office before. One of the file cabinet doors was torn off and the articulating arm to my keyboard was smashed like one of those kung fu wood planks. Why did hearing the French language cause such an adverse reaction? She and I continued chatting on a regular basis….this was also right around the time I was checking out apartments online….and do you think I’d somehow move into a haunted one?


My reaction to hearing the Parisian woman talk dirty to me in French was obviously not positive. Then again; I don’t speak French so who knows what she really said. All I know is that I went bonkers and destroyed half of my office. She and I also began talking on the phone regularly and quite often we’d argue and hang up on each other….then she would obsessively call me all through the night. What was I subconsciously attracting to myself?


I was also interacting with several other women from the Dateacougar site and those conversations were strange as well. There was a 50 year old nurse from the Southwest who was into sex magic and bloodletting. She believed that blood held the soul and she wanted us to ‘re-share’ our souls as she was convinced we were mother and son in a past life. Who was I to disagree? Her cheating husband had just left her and she wanted to visit me…I needed a Cougar den right away. For those of you that are shaking your heads in disbelief….let me tell you…before I tried online dating I would have had the same incredulous reaction to this story. However, there really are people like this out there…a lot of them.


So to make this freaky blood-nurse liaison happen, I needed an apartment, stat. I began looking for places online but I’m not much of a shopper; as long as the place didn’t have roaches I’d be satisfied. There was this really neat old schoolhouse that was renovated into apartments about 30 minutes from my office. It was big and brick and eerie looking; built in the early 1900’s by the look of it. I took the virtual tour and it immediately hit me that the building was haunted; I felt it in my gut. I had made a solemn vow to use my intuition going forward and would not get sucked into precarious situations again. Situations like my marriage….like the demon conjuring….uh, like my whole life.


I decided to pass on the old schoolhouse but you know what? The realtor called me two days later. How did they get my number? How did they even know I was perusing their website? Of course, being Mr. disciplined, I agreed to a viewing. It was everything I wanted….clean, close to work, and available yesterday….I made an appointment to sign the lease, stat.


I had a few days before moving in and alerted my cougar blood-nurse on the other side of the country that we had a place to play. She booked a quick flight and arranged for her shifts at the hospital to be covered. In the meantime we had phone sex….lots of it. I’m pretty good with words and she loved to masturbate on the phone. I’d like to think my words translated into orgasms but who knows….I wasn’t there to feel the convulsions or check her panties. She asked me to cut the tip of my penis while I masturbated so the semen and blood would mix when I ejaculated…uh; I was NOT going to do that over the phone…so I fibbed. When she arrived I’d have to put my money where my mouth was…or rather her mouth, I hoped.


In the meantime I was buying all the stuff you need to move into a new place. Because I had left my wife under less than amicable circumstances, I had to buy everything…what a pain in the ass…and wallet. Oh well, such is the price of freedom. I even bought an 80 dollar blow-up Queen sized bed.


I moved in several days later and stocked up on Franzia box wine. I loved it….hard wood floors and no more sneaking around like I had to at the office to go undetected. I was free….free to get plastered every night. I don’t know what happened but the drinking got even worse…however, I was very lean on my low-carb diet. The cougars expected my 19-year old bodybuilding physique from the profile photo and I intended to give it to them.


Blood-nurse cougar was due to arrive in two weeks. I continued communicating with the Parisian woman in Montreal and followed up on other leads…the cougars had my scent. After years of celibacy I was going to have a blast…if I survived. The neighbors across the hall were giving me weird looks when I ran into them coming and going. I did my usual theatrical hello (that’s a public relations reflex of mine…trying to hide the freakishness). They seemed nervous around me and scurried away whenever I tried to strike up a friendly conversation. What was going on? I wasn’t waking up to any destruction…just hangovers. I decided to be nosy and hang right by their door as I was leaving one morning. I heard them talk about animal rules or animal rights; something like that. The woman mentioned growling and I immediately freaked out and went back into my apartment sweating bullets.


This nonsense again…I couldn’t afford being kicked out for growling like a demon or harboring unauthorized animals; as they suspected. I decided to attempt recording myself just before I lost consciousness every night. Needless to say it was going to be hit or miss but after a few days I finally got something discernable. Aside from the usual mention of my mother, Lucifer, Montauk, and rape I heard something about teachers as I listened to myself cry on the recording. Wait; this was an old schoolhouse…I had to do some research. I thought to myself, exactly what kind of a school was this? There was nothing online and nobody in the area was talking…even the local library and police station. They just said it was an old school; blah blah….and changed the subject.


After hitting a dead end at the police station, I wandered into a Chinese takeout place to inquire. The crusty old lady from Hong Kong said something in broken English.


‘Old school for deaf, town embarrassed, people don’t like talk about it’.


I researched schools for the deaf in that geographic area and came up with info about deplorable conditions and children being abused, etc. in what seemed to be the school I was living in. It also mentioned that Helen Keller may have attended that school. However, the info was still vague; as if details were altered or had had been removed …something wasn’t right.


So I had chosen an apartment building that harbored echoes of pain and anguish….heartbreak and abuse that mirrored what was within me from my own childhood. The universe has a funny way of trying to get your attention. I continued digging for clues about the astral vortex that I lived in…as well as preparing for the arrival of nurse-blood cougar. She agreed to bring her nurses scrubs (I’m BIG into dress-up) if I supplied an Ouija board for us to have sex on top of….what! There was no going back; her ticket had been purchased and I was in no state of mind to avert this potential train wreck.


In the meantime, I thoroughly explored the creepy apartment building /schoolhouse.  I was shown the laundry room once when I initially moved in but didn’t use it because there were only three washer/dryer units in the little basement side-chamber. Plus, there was a full-service Laundromat right around the corner. Suddenly curious, I headed to the other side of the building and down into the little dungeon. I immediately, reflexively wanted to leave….but it was daytime…otherwise I’d be outta there. (As I type this, an entity presence has latched onto my arm…something sees the change in my energy field and knows what I’m thinking about).


There was a little midget-sized door made of planks inside the wash-dungeon. The padlock was open…and a small wooden chair with another padlock and chain were just around the corner inside. It was one of those child-sized chairs with the desk attached, but older looking than the ones I remembered from school. I’m into creepy stuff and all, but this really bothered me; I went to the building superintendent. I explained what I had found in the basement and that I knew this building had a shady past that nobody wanted to talk about. He just smiled and said that the washing machine repairman shouldn’t have left the padlock undone. I wanted to pursue this further but blood-nurse cougar was arriving in two days and I needed sheets and pillowcases and stuff. I hadn’t bought strange household items like that in….decades! Oh, and I needed a new Ouija board too…the one from the demon conjuring apartment had been disposed of.


So after hitting up TJ Max for sheets I went to Seven Stars bookstore on my way to the mall for a new Parker Brothers Ouija board. I just couldn’t help stopping in to browse and steep in that weird vibe. Well then; Seven Stars had a vintage Ouija board for sale. Part of me knew it was foolish as all used objects carry energy from their previous owners, in particular objects that are used to conduct spiritual energy. As had often happened in those days, poor judgment won out….I bought the used entity conductor.


In the days leading up to blood-nurse cougar’s arrival I began having some weird dreams. They were in that non-usual category of dreams…ones that stick in your mind all throughout the day and beyond. The word ‘Legion’ would flash into my head while being overlaid with images of my mother. I’m not going to explain the connection between the word Legion and demonology (feel free to look it up) as it creeps me out and generates that type of energy. The recurrence of this word along with my mother coming into my head really set off the alarms internally regarding the upcoming ritual-sex visit.


However, there was no turning back…plus I was getting genuinely freaked out about my new apartment and could use some company. The day finally arrived and I was off to Logan airport to pick up this freaky woman. We passed each other a couple of times at baggage pickup (an ironic term, no?) before the recognition clicked. She was casually dressed in a track suit and looked pretty normal. Actually, more attractive than her pics on dateacougar; if not a bit chunky…but no matter, I like flesh. We said hello, hugged and assessed one another….you know, the old look up and down…are you doable or not kind of thing. No problems there and we were off in a cab to the haunted former school for the deaf. There was definitely palpable sexual chemistry between us as we rubbed up against each other in the back seat. She touched the inside of my leg while laughing about my preemptive explanation of the sparsely decorated apartment we were about to enter.


As soon as we arrived she started to kiss me deeply and rub my crotch…it had been a long time since I’d been near a strange woman. If there’s one thing that differed about the older ladies from Dateacougar versus the younger ones from, it was the lack of date-foreplay. These women went right for the sex…each and every time.


She immediately told me that she was on her period and it was perfect timing for sex ritual. I had told her on the phone that I liked performing oral sex on women as well as the taste of menstrual blood. She asked where the Ouija board was and I pulled it out….pardon the pun. She inspected it and looked very pleased. Then she dropped to her knees and performed oral sex on me. She stopped, pulled her tampon out, and had me put my fingers in her pants…she said it was important to build the sexual energy. She also remarked that she was close to menopause and was lucky she was still bleeding.


Then she moaned and pulled my hand out of her pants and licked my fingers. I specifically remember the tone of her voice and the change in energy around me. It was as if something had entered her from the outside or something had come to the forefront and pushed the tracksuit-wearing middle-aged woman into the background. She put my hand back into her panties and then put my blood-soaked hand into my mouth…the menstrual flow was heavy. Sorry if this sounds fantastical…it really did happen. I get bored easily and have always tried to cultivate the bizarre in my life…perhaps this time I’d gone too far.


She then stroked my penis while holding the Ouija board underneath it but upside-down. It was all very mechanical…I felt like I was being milked or something. She said we needed to cover the bottom of the board with our ‘life’ juices. So then with the help of her delightfully skilled hands, I ejaculated all over the bottom of the board and she put her fingers inside herself and scooped out some menstrual blood….and onto the bottom of the board that went as well.


She then told me it was her turn so I pleasured her orally as she began reciting incantations and saying all sorts of mommy stuff like ‘there there, that’s my boy’ and ‘make mommy happy’. As this was occurring, I felt presences in the room…it was very creepy. Thick astral energy had descended upon us. As I sucked on her clitoris I felt something brush up against me every few seconds…as if it was circling the bed to create a kind of centrifugal force. Then she climaxed and we had some wine; then a nap. I remember feeling woozy as I drifted off to sleep. When I opened my eyes I discovered that my hands and feet were bound! I was terrified. Well, it was more like a perplexed type of terrified. I kind of knew it would lead to this but it seemed so much more intriguing in my imagination.


Blood-nurse cougar must have given me some sort of sedative…most likely in the wine I had just before napping. Otherwise I would have woken up when she was tying me as I’m a very light sleeper.


Because I had a blowup bed, there was no headboard to tie me to so she used a heating grate. I opened my eyes and tried to scratch my nose…hands were bound together and then another rope attached to the heating grate. The menstrual blood & semen encrusted Ouija board was on my chest and my penis was erect. Blood-nurse cougar was dressed in her nurse scrubs (whatever happened to the old fashioned white skirt nurse outfit?) with a medical mask  over her mouth…just those crazy green electrocuted eyes staring back at me.


Now I’m a control freak, particularly in bed. I also don’t like feeling helpless or having pain inflicted upon me. Some people may like that stuff which is a-ok; but BDSM is not my department…however, I do like certain mild photos depicting it. Ok, maybe I’m confused in that area…but what was happening with blood-nurse cougar was too much, too fast. Part of my issue with being tied up is controlling my orgasm. I’m more into doing the pleasing and not as much into being pleased….which is a control freak trait. Well, either way I did not like this one bit.


However, blood-nurse cougar seemed to know how to keep me from protesting. She kept my penis erect with either her hand or mouth. In between, she recited what sounded like incantations….a ritual was occurring. It was even creepier hearing this through her medical mask. I asked her what was going on and she said ‘hush, my little boy’. Whenever I’m addressed in a maternal fashion I get all fuzzy and compliant. This was rather effective and in conjunction with periodic phallic stimulus, I was conflictingly happy. Meaning that I didn’t like being tied up but the other stuff felt so good (getting the mother attention I never had during childhood and the sexual stimulus) that my discomfort was negated.


While reciting the incantations which vacillated between English and Latin (and maybe some Greek but I’m not sure) she was pleasuring herself with her fingers intermittently and wiping the menstrual blood around the top edges of the Ouija board. (Now that I think of it; she reminds me of the witch on the show Game of Thrones) Previously, she coated the bottom of the board with my semen and her menstrual blood but now she was working on the top. Then she took the planchette (the heart shaped wooden thing used to communicate on the Ouija board) and pleasured herself with that. Just then I realized that there was something seriously wrong with this woman.


I kind of knew what was going on… an image was forming in my head. I saw a gateway being prepared; a gateway for whatever spirit(s) she decided to summon. The room itself became cold and silent in an energetic way; it’s hard to describe. She was getting more intense in tone and demeanor; her body language was now rigid. Even her eyes changed…they were still crazy but something else was there…something calm and unflinching.


She became fascinated with the marking on my penis. Well, it looks like more of a growth than a marking. I’ve been told it’s an implant that indicates I’m used for breeding and sexual ritual. Who knows if that is indeed the case (I have no concrete proof). All I can say is that every single woman who has seen it has commented that they’ve never come across anything even remotely similar. I’m no penis expert so I’ll take their word for it. Blood-nurse cougar examined it in this weird quasi-sexual / clinical manner that was rather unnerving. She would probe it with her tongue a bit and then take my penis out of her mouth and examine again…she did this several times as if looking for a reaction or something.


She squeezed my penis firmly and stroked harder and harder, obviously she wanted me to climax. But before this occurred she took a paring knife she had gotten from my kitchen and cut the tip of my penis so quickly I could not protest or even wince; it was like lightning. Upon climax, semen mixed with blood spurted straight up with great velocity and then down all over the Ouija board and bed sheets. It wasn’t that much blood but you could certainly see it…and my member stung like a paper cut would but much worse.


Then she put the planchette on the board and started having a conversation I was not included in. I asked some more questions and then she put a gag in my mouth. Ok, this was not fun anymore….after the orgasm I was much less tolerant. Then I saw the planchette move all by itself. I couldn’t tell what letters it was stopping on but she seemed to be pleased with the resulting word(s).


I started trying to free myself from the bonds and she took the Ouija board off my chest and the gag out of my mouth. I started ranting about how crazy this all was and she immediately began performing oral sex on me. It pissed me off that she was just trying to shut me up but it certainly worked. Once I was erect again she mounted me and continued with the mommy talk. She said, ‘mommy loves you, mommy knows best’, etc. After we both orgasmed I fell into a deep, dark sleep… of those sleeps of death where you wake up not knowing your location, what time it is, or even the day.


The next morning it was as if nothing had happened. We did a tour of the city, hit all of the usual tourist spots, and even went on a whale watch. Blood-nurse cougar went home on Monday morning and I never saw or heard from her ever again.

Healing with Chakras and Crystals

March 10, 2014 in Just For Members, Spirituality

What are Chakras? “Chakra” is a Saskrit word for “wheel” and are spiritual energy centers that are located within our bodies. Our physical body consists of channels of energy known as meridians. When the flow of energy through these channels slows down or gets blocked, we become ill. The idea is that one must have […]