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July Tarotscopes

July 1, 2014 in Just For Members, Spirituality, Tarot

If anyone would like to write a post or has issues logging in, please contact me.  Due to personal reasons, I’m taking both July and August off of hidden truth, however I will still be available for tarot readings.  Diana won the tarot reading contest for this month, and I will keep all other entries […]
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Speaking of the Devil

June 5, 2014 in Just For Members, Spirituality

In the beginning, when God was creating the earth and its inhabitants, there were a great host of angels working with God to create and perfect all things, as God saw fit. He made heaven and earth, and all of the living things upon land, dividing the land with water, and filling it too with diverse life forms. […]
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June Tarotscopes

June 1, 2014 in Just For Members, Spirituality, Tarot

If anyone is having difficulties logging in, or wants to write a post, please contact me, juliana@hiddentruth.ca , thanks:) Gemini Spiritually –  Death indicates that one door is closing so that another may opportunity can bring you closer to the spiritual growth that you’re desiring. You would be advised to evaluate any negative patterns, behaviors and […]
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Our Magickal Familiars

May 6, 2014 in Spirituality

Our relationship to animals as companions goes all the way back to the dawn of man.  We kept them forcoming home reasons of protection, warmth, healing, and of course companionship. The earliest of our furry friends was the dog, who for a few scraps of meat would fight the most vicious of all enemies in protection of the clan. They became our most valued friends which we taught to work, hunt, and stand guard, asking little in return for their sacrifices. Wherever man would roam, his canine companion would be faithful at his side. Over time, selective breeding has brought many different types from the early domestic wolf. Some are large enough for children to ride, others small enough to fit into a woman’s purse, but all remain devoted to their loving human caretaker and will fight to the death if necessary to protect their beloved humans.

As time passed, cats became valued as pets as well. Their unique ability to rid a home of pests is unparalleled to this day. In the early days, when food was so very hard earned, an infestation of rodents could decimate a food supply creating potentially deadly consequences. The cat became an essential member of the family, and would vigilantly patrol for any tiny intruders in exchange for an occasional bowl of warm milk.

Our Magickal connection to cats seems to begin in ancient Egypt with the cat goddess of fertility Bastet.baset Her cult practiced for nearly 4000 years. The cat is also the sacred animal of Freya, who is the Norse
and Teutonic goddess of love and fertility. Both of these beautiful goddesses became demons when Christianity began its cleansing, and the cat, too, became demonized and began to be looked upon with fear and hatred. The Celts of Gaul (present day France) also believed the cat to be evil. Their priests, the Druids, held the belief that cats were humans who had been transformed into a feline form by evil sorcery. They believed that fire was the only way to release the spirit, so on Samhain eve they lit bonfires and tossed wicker cages with cats locked inside onto the blaze. The association of cats with witches began in Rome with Diana, the queen of witches. Her brother, Lucifer (the morning star god of enlightenment) had a cat who she changed places with. She became pregnant, and sent her daughter, Aradia to earth to become the teacher of witches. It became commonplace for Magickal practitioners to consort with animal familiars, who were most often cats.

During the dark ages, many lovely women were hunted down by professional witch hunters, and tried by a church court, too often to be found guilty of witchcraft and killed for their crimes. What you may not have known, however, is that her familiar spirit, the cat, was treated just as badly. The inquisitors hunted and brutally killed cats to the brink of extinction. They were believed to be actual demons given to the witches who signed the devils Black Book. It was believed that the devil would assign an imp, a low level demon, to assist the witch in her magic. The demon imp cat would do the witch’s bidding in exchange for a little bit of her blood mixed with breast milk. Some witches “confessed” to actually breast feeding their familiar! These feline demons were burned alive, roasted to death, hung on a crosses, tossed from the church belfry, and placed in casks then stabbed to death with swords. Their pitiful cries were said to be “the language of the devil within the body of the holy father”. After a cat burning, the bones we’re collected to be made into talismans to protect against evil and to ward off bad luck. It was the cat, however, who came out on top in the end. With very few cats left in Europe, the rodent population spiked, and the great Bubonic plague swept across the continent. When it was discovered that it originated in rats, it was quickly decided that the cat is a friend we cannot live without. Amid protest from the church, cat killing became outlawed and cat numbers thankfully recovered.

Nowadays, a witch and her familiar are not considered evil by most. Familiar spirits could be cats, dogs,best profile pic ever birds, monkeys, pigs, snakes, or any kind of animal that chooses you. Furthermore, you don’t even have to be a witch to enjoy a magical animal familiar. I have begun to notice that many people have a familiar spirit for a pet, and don’t even realize it. So, what is a familiar? I will say here that not all pets are familiar spirits. A witch and familiar share a bond far deeper than that of the average pet/person relationship. It is a deep spiritual psychic connection that can last many lifetimes. My personal familiar is currently in the form of a cute little terrier, but I remember him when he was a Cockatiel, and also when he was a dog before. Our connection may go back even further. He is my truest friend and teacher. I owe him more than I will ever be able to repay.

There are two basic types of familiars. The first type is one that has a very similar personality to that of pet and owneryour own. The second type has a personality that is very different from your own. Let’s call the first type, matching, and the second type complimentary. If the familiar that has chosen you is that of the matching personality, then he will intensify your strength by addition of a matching magical energy. This type should be present as often as possible whenever you are practicing your craft as his energy will greatly improve the results. He will be a great healer if you are sick or hurt, and will help you to always be firm in your resolve, making it easier to stay on a chosen track. He should be lovable and it is a really good idea to let him be admired and fondled by as many people as possible. He is an extension of yourself, so all energy directed toward him comes to you! Often this type will also look like their human companion. When this occurs there can be no doubt about the relationship of witch/familiar. Similarities in looks as well as personality lead to a magical lycanthropic state where the person becomes animal and the animal becomes person. Our inactive, or sleeping, psyche roams abroad in animal and your familiar performs your subconscious desire with or without human direction. His attention is attuned perfectly to you, and your wish is his command! So, as always, be careful what you wish for!

The second type, complimentary, is the exact opposite of you in personality. If you are shy, for example, evil wolfthis type would be very outgoing, you are meek, he is aggressive. This type of familiar comes along when you need to modify personality traits about yourself. It is customary to be chosen by your familiar, and I have been told that even when you think you have chosen the animal, it is actually the animal who has chosen you. However, if you are choosing a familiar who is the complimentary type, is is best to chose one who looks rather demonic. This type should not be fondled by anyone other that his human as it would be an insult to his human’s personality, which is complimentary to his, thereby lessening the magical power of both the witch and familiar. This type can be extremely helpful toward transformation, and having a friend who is not shared with anyone else gives the relationship a special meaning for both of you.  Birds are great familiars of this type as many species bond to only one person for life, and will take the fingers clean off of any stranger. I once shared a special relationship with an iguana of this type. She taught me about boundaries, power, and the joys of revenge. Like many of this type she moved on when the lesson was learned, and her job was done. I feel so much gratitude for her help and I often miss our long talks. I have a friend, a young girl all of 80 pounds, who has an enormous dog who is very protective of her. Everyone hates that dog, but she loves him, and the hatred others feel toward him, keeps her replete with Magickal energy!

Now that we have explored the two basic types of animal familiar spirits, let’s look at some practical everyday ways we can work together, to expand and enrich ourselves, our Magick, and our relationships with each other. First, I want to mention the importance of discipline, not only for ourselves but for all of our animal friends. It may seem limiting to keep a dog on a leash, for example, but it is actually incredibly liberating for him to know he can explore freely within the safety of his master’s protection without fear of going too far. It is absolutely essential that any animal that you live with be taught limits. If the animal is your familiar spirit, he may contain wisdom of the ages, but if he regularly destroys your new carpet, his gifts may never be realized. In teaching our animal friends how to behave, we are actually teaching them to become a little bit human. We, ourselves, once looked at the world through primitive eyes, but the patient training our parents gave to us enabled us to walk and talk and think like civilized people. It because of this that we can communicate with one another and survive in this world. In the same way, our animal friends need to be taught to be human. The more completely they are able to make this change, the more they will become free to serve you as your assistant and companion. This is their wish, so in this way discipline is your gift to them. I have lived with my familiar, Chopper, in his present form, for over eleven years. By applying discipline, he has learned hundreds of words, and rarely needs correction. My wife, Maggie’s familiar is a cat named Billy, who is a gifted healer. He has lived in his present form for almost thirteen years, and has an even bigger vocabulary. He never scratches the furniture, but prefers long periods of meditation, and talks on philosophy.

Each person will attract a familiar spirit that is unique to his/her own needs. How you learn to understandinfinitly Billy
their language will also be unique, and will require self discipline. When Chopper was just a pup, it was very difficult to understand what he was saying. He talks with a strange language mixed with sounds, body movements, particular types of breath, and telepathy. Billy, our cat, has a much more complex language, which incorporates each individual part of his body, all of which say different things in different ways, in addition to the ways that I have already mentioned. My Iguana friend, Brooklyn, made few sounds, but said a lot with her posture, color, breath, and again telepathy. The best way to learn their individual language is to spend time with them. This will be inconvenient at times, like when you are reading and your beloved cat jumps onto the page, but just as they need discipline to know that jumping onto your book is not always helpful, you also need to be disciplined in knowing that the cat may know that it is time you did something more meaningful with your time. Perhaps he has something to teach you.

The common method of communication of all animals, especially our animal familiar spirits, is telepathy. homage to TaraYou don’t need to be a psychic to hear animals speak, but it helps. There are times, when you will be able to see that your animal friend is sending you a message. Perhaps he will start to look at you very deeply, or become very still like he is concentrating very hard. When this happens it is time to become receptive. This is done by becoming still. Don’t try to figure out what they are saying, just be still. Their voices will come to you as a sort of knowing. It will not happen in your mind, but rather through your heart. You may not even be able to put into words the message that you have received. Just let the knowing fill you, and if you wish to respond, or question, it is best to do this telepathically as well, since spoken words have a tendency to break the spell, closing your own receptivity. Your animal familiar spirit will often use this method to guide you in times of need or to direct your activities together. Chopper often sends power and confidence to me in this way. He has a unique way of knowing when I need it. Billy works in the art studio with Maggie, and sends her critique, and inspiration. It is nice to have a familiar spirit that likes to go with you places. Dogs are almost always thrilled to go anywhere you go, but this is not common for most other animals who become overwhelmed in strange environments. Studies have shown dogs to be even more similar to humans, psychologically, than Chimpanzees. Additionally they have the ability to see things that most humans can’t, although to a far lesser degree than cats whose vision is adept at seeing many of the spiritual planes including auras, as well as being able to see in the dark. If you are lucky enough to have an animal who goes everywhere with you, it is important to listen to them along the way. So many times, I have stopped because my familiar wanted to, only to find the place that he chose, to have exactly what I needed, a particular herb, a great meditation spot, a particular tool, a teacher, or a grounding walk in a beautiful place. Your familiar spirit knows what you need and where to find it, so pay attention to him when he says “Hey, let’s stop here and look around”. If your familiar is home bound, he is still useful in directing your actions. He may interrupt you when you are doing something and tell you it is time for a break. He may wake you up and tell you it is time to get going. They help in so many ways!

Getting to know your familiar spirit takes a lifetime labor of love. All animals have a divine nature, and the wakinglistening techniques should be applied to all animals you may encounter who show an interest in communicating with you. But, how do you know if your pet is in fact your familiar spirit? I have had many pets, most of which have not been familiar spirits. The difference is the intimate connection you each feel for each other. It is the heart that will tell you. It may be that you recognize him from a former incarnation, or it might be that you recognize an inner knowing that cannot be explained away. There will be something about him that is special, different. All pets will serve to enrich your life and broaden your perception, but a familiar spirit will be your teacher, your assistant, and your best friend. They will keep every secret and show you more than you ever dreamed of.

If you are open, and there is a need, a familiar spirit will come to you. Then begins the Magickal man and dogexperience, a lifetime of pure love perfectly balanced between the physical and spiritual energies. Yours will be a friendship that could last for many lifetimes. Protect and care for them as you would your own children, and they will, in turn, protect you and your whole family from all sorts of dangers, seen and unseen. Love them deeply! Let them on the couch! If he enjoys being hugged, hug him close. Let his love energy fill you completely. Feel his purring all the way to your toes, feel the warmth of his ice cold nose. Do more of the things he enjoys and less of the stressful stuff that weighs so heavily on your own psyche. The more time you lose yourself in their happiness the more happy you and your familiar become. Your mutually shared joy builds spiritual energies within both of you, strengthening your Magick, as well as connecting you to a higher level of connection and understanding of each other. Play is essential for our spiritual development and it is also a vital part of connecting fully with your animal familiar. Have fun together! Act as silly as you want to! Love them like there is no tomorrow! And though we all hate to think about it, the time will come when our beloved friends pass from the world of form, and return to the source of all that is. When this dreaded day comes, don’t worry about what everybody else thinks, just go ahead and weep. Your greatest friend has gone from here. There is no reason to be strong. No reason to keep a stiff upper lip. There is reason to morn and to remember all of the things you have been taught by your amazing friend, and to think of all of the great times you had together. You may never see him again, but then again, he may just come back to you. You’ll know him somehow. He won’t necessarily look the same, but you will know him. And, he will know you!

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May Tarotscopes

May 1, 2014 in Spirituality, Tarot

Blessed Beltane!  Congratulations to Janna who won the tarot reading contest for the month of May!  If anyone would like to write a post, please contact me, thank you:)


Spiritually –  The Hierophant indicates a time period where you’re likely feeling some pressure to “do the right thing”.  When it comes to your taurasspiritual beliefs, it’s so important that you don’t conform and that you do what’s right for you!  Whenever a 5 appears it’s indicating a situation that’s frustrating.  It’s time for methodical you to step out of the box and to explore a new activity or spiritual practice that affirms your beliefs, and attitudes. Daily meditations, whether it’s working out, walking or quieting the mind will be helpful to you this month.  Numerology wise, other keywords would be: travel, unpredictability, passion, and erratic motion, as well as behavior. 

Career –  The 8 of Swords represents a less than ideal professional life, where you’re likely feeling as though you’re not in control and almost imprisoned. This card indicates that you need to make an important decision and yet, they all look unappetizing. If you’re terrified of the unknown to the point that you don’t act, you’ll stay in your rut longer, needlessly causing yourself to suffer. Strength is the hidden influence, think mind over matter, patience, and compassion (towards everyone, even the co-worker/ boss who seems to go out of their way to make your work place a living hell.)  If you don’t like what you’re doing, find something else; an 8 indicates abundant opportunities all around you! Whenever an 8 arrives, it’s a great omen for business, as well as commerce! 

Love –  The King of Pentacles is commonly known as, “the husband card” in the deck because he represents the traits that the perfect partner would have. Being a court card, he could be representing you, or an actual person in your life. They would be over 34 years of age, have darker features, could be an earth sign, would be practical, methodical, trustworthy, hardworking, often in a trade, and extremely cautious (very slow when approaching anything and everything).  If you’re single, this is an excellent omen that someone is about to sweep you off your feet!  Be traditional with your approaches, be extremely honest, and keep your eyes open for someone who fits this King’s description!  If you’re attached, while this King is extremely reliable, an excellent provider and parent, he’s often lacking in the romance department; the relationship has likely become very comfortable, and it’s time to switch it up, so that you can add make some magick that creates some sparks!


Spiritually –  The Sun having arrived would represent that you’ve recently faced some of your fears, and that you’re now about to enter a period geminiinfused with liberating freedom and self expression!  This is an excellent time for travel, and for exploring new spiritual approaches to life.  With the sun, anything is possible and it’s truly your time to shine!  Live in the moment and enjoy life as much as you can. Success, achievement and accomplishment are yours, so consider making some new personal goals.  The karma based Wheel of Fortune is the hidden influence.  You would be encouraged to observe cyclic patterns in your life, and pay attention to the lessons that they bring.  We could further reduce it, and then The Magician would also be influencing you, which is yet another affirmation that immense power is in your hands!

Career –  The 3 of Wands indicates that you’ve made some excellent progress, and are passionately ready for a change!  This card is symbolic of expansion, foresight, anticipating obstacles and also possibly travel.  If you’re feeling ready to leave your current position, start your own business, or head into an unexplored territory, know that the prospects are good.  The Empress is the hidden influence which signifies abundance, and prosperity, especially with the “birth” of new projects.  Being a 3, numerology wise the keywords are: creativity, versatility, mystery, intuition and ADVANCEMENT!!!!

Love –  The 5 of Pentacles represents a period of struggles, deprivation, and of feeling left out in the cold, or rejected.  More often than not, it’s the person who’s rejected a philosophy or way of life that they don’t agree with. This is also a card that can indicate a divorce, a separation, and a feeling as though your reputation has been ruined in some way.  All of the 5′s deal with a lack of some sort, and they all speak of frustration.  Whether you’re single or not, it’s highly likely that you’ll be feeling quite alone this month.  As advice, capitalize on this time with extreme self care, and give yourself permission to “be selfish”!  Numerology wise, there’s unpredictable behavior, erratic motion, passion and the possibility of travel all around you.   The Hierophant is the subtle influence, which would encourage you to create daily rituals that honor your beliefs and attitudes.  Love doesn’t manipulate, and a healthy relationship doesn’t make you feel unwanted.  If you’re in a relationship where your partner disagrees with your ideology, it could be time to go your separate ways. 


Spiritually –  The 6 of Wands indicates that you’re in a phase of personal growth this month.  This is an affirmation that you’re on the right path. This Good Cancercard represents personal achievement.  You should be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished!!!  Your unique gifts and talents are a source of joy. As advice, reach out and show others what worked for you!  The hidden influence is The Lovers. Think about getting involved in an organization or spiritual practice that will assist you with your continued growth and balance. Numerology wise, important keywords would be: sincerity, investments, protection, nurturing, growth, security, sensitivity and dependability.

Career –  The 6 of Cups represents a period of introspection; a longing for simpler and more secure, predictable times. Employed or not, it’s highly likely that you’re considering returning to a previous position.  Most importantly, focus on the now, and what you can do to assist you in the future!  Contemplate having a creative outlet to express yourself which will help you with any stress that your career is causing.  If you’re not employed, think about going into a field where you can use your nurturing skills, such as nursing, childcare, social work, etc.  The Lovers is the subtle influence. Should you want a change, there are plenty of options around you.  Two cautions; 1) don’t mix business with pleasure, and 2) avoid what appears to be “the easy choice”, because there is no easy choice, they all have their own “special” challenges.  Numerology wise, the keywords for you would be sincerity, investments, protection, sensitivity, dependability, growth and nurturing.  

Love –  The Hanged Man would represent that you’ve had some recent “aha” moments and are now seeing your situation as it really is.  This is a card that demonstrates being at a crossroads, and making short term sacrifices, as an investment in your future happiness.  It’s likely that whether you’re single or not, that you’ll be feeling very alone this month.  We would reduce it to a 3, and whenever a 3 arrives, it’s indicating that the person is desiring a change. Take some down time. Reflect on what you can change, and when it comes to factors that are out of your control, attempt to change your perspectives. The Empresses’ energy is also influencing your situation here- putting an emphasis on your need to be creative, resourceful, and to nurture yourself more!


Spiritually –  The Knight of Cups being a court card, could be representative of you, or a person in your life.  They would be 18-34 years of age, leogentle, affectionate, romantic, sensitive, introspective, introverted, and at times, temperamental, likely with lighter features, and possibly a water sign. This card indicates that on a spiritual level, you’re tapping into your unconsciousness, questioning peoples motives, and seeking self improvement. The knights, similar to the pages, bring messages and you can expect to hear some good news this month! Look for “coincidences”, and know that spirit is attempting to communicate with you. You would be encouraged to develop your creativity, as well as your intuition, which will be considerably heightened this month.  

Career –  The Ace of Wands  has arrived, bringing a fresh new cycle for you to truly go beyond your limits, and expand your potential in a way that you’ve never done before! The hidden influence would be The Fool. Think on your feet, be original, follow your heart, dare to take a stand, and get prepared to be more successful than you ever imagined!  

Love –  The 8 of Wands  represents that while currently there could be some issues that are out of your control, there’s soon to be a lot of changes in a positive direction! This is a fast moving, extremely passionate and fertile energy, so please take caution! This card is all about striking when the iron is hot, and realizing your goals.  Being an 8, there’s opportunities all around you, and other keywords would be observation, intention, abundance, repetition and infinity.  If you’re single, the wands in this card are symbolic of cupid’s arrows, and an almost obsessive infatuation is likely.  If you’re in a relationship, this card is an indication that the dynamics are secure, healthy, and with very little conflicts.  Strength is the hidden influence, ironically it often represents a Leo. As advice, put mind over matter, and be patient. 


Spiritually –  The King of Wands being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you with your virgopersonal growth. They would be 34 years of age+, evolved with the arts, possess a creative energy, be teaching or consulting, have a lot of integrity, is very generous, has a commanding presence, could be an entrepreneur, is bold, charismatic, is a natural leader, often looks exotic/ almost theatrical, and is possibly a fire sign. This is a dare from the tarot, for you to start drawing outside of the lines, especially with your spirituality! The safe and easy route, to this King, is unacceptable and too boring. Believe in yourself, have the courage of your convictions, and consider doing adventurous meditations, such as hiking in the mountains or painting your own masterpiece.

Career –  The Knight of Swords, being a court card could be representing you, or someone in your life who’s in a position to help you further your career.  Keep an eye out for someone who’s younger than 34 years of age, is blunt to the point of being rude (at times), is ambitious, aggressive, intellectually based, self-motivated, works with communications, or a sharp instrument (law enforcement, dentist, writer, surgeon, etc.), has lighter features, and is possibly an air sign. This is an excellent omen that you’re at your peak, intellectually speaking, and that a desirable opportunity is about to head your way!  If you’re looking for a job, the search won’t be much longer. If you’re employed, get ready to outshine everyone else with all that you’re going to be able to accomplish!

Love –  The Queen of Wands being a court card, could be representing you or a person in your life who is either your partner, or who can help you find one!  The Queen of Wands would look exotic to you, be a man or woman who’s 34 yrs and up, be adventurous, be passionate, bold, creative, dynamic, daring, naturally “witchy”, have a high energy level, be stubborn at times, is an extrovert, is in touch with their sexuality, and possibly a fire sign. Single or not, take the actions that this Queen would, be daring, be bold, take charge of your situation, be determined and be the catalyst for some personally satisfying adventures!!  This card is an excellent omen that you single Virgos are about to have a fiery romance.  For those of you who are already in a relationship, let this Queen’s vibrant energy spice it up!


Spiritually –  The 8 of Pentacles represents your commitment to really having mastered the right mindset by paying painstakingly attention to every Good Libralittle detail and task.  This is commonly known as “the apprenticeship” card, and shows you demonstrating repeated efforts until you get it right. When this card arrives, the person is in a period of doing difficult personal work.  Being in the spirituality position, it’s an indicator that any and all obstacles that have previously stood between you and personal growth are history.  You would be encouraged to find a hobby that you love, and to spend at least 30 minutes on it daily. Strength would be the subtle influencing factor, and you would be encouraged to focus on what you want in your life, instead of what irritates or worries you.  Patience, and taking the time to respond, rather than reacting will assist you greatly.  Being an 8, there’s opportunities all around you, and other keywords would be observation, intention, abundance, repetition and infinity. 

Career –  The Ace of Swords demonstrates that you’re at peak, especially intellectually!  Expect some new ideas that lead to potential advancement if you remain committed to your vision. This is an excellent omen that a new position is in the cards for you! If you’re unemployed, consider going into the fields of law, or science; any job that includes working with a sharp instrument and one where you can apply your skills of communication.  If you’re employed, it’s likely that you’re having some anxieties concerning office politics, as well as policies, and as advice, assert yourself!  The hidden influence would be The Magician, ensuring that you’ll be able to make better use of your talents, and passion, in order to manifest what you need!

Love –  The Page of Swords demonstrates you and your partner having mild conflicts, that escalate, and leave you both feeling misunderstood and not appreciated.  You’re pushing your partner too much and need to pick and choose your battles with their feelings in consideration.  All of the pages represent new cycles, and messages, it’s highly likely that your partner will tell you some negative news.  It’s also really important that you keep your secrets under hidden lock and key, because either you or your partner are feeling incredibly jealous, possessive and suspicious (aka, spying on you). As advice, if your partner needs space, give it to them. The saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder is true, unless of course, you’re caught doing something that you shouldn’t of; if you’re going to play be forewarned (karma is a bitch!)  If you’re single, get out, and don’t be shy about initiating new acquaintances. 


Spiritually –  The Queen of Cups could be representing you or a person who’s in your life and is in a position to help you further your spirituality.  SheGood Scorpio or he would be quiet, amazingly in touch with their feelings, they would be sitting in a position of experience, be patient, faithful, shy, very intuitive, possibly a water sign, be 34 years of age +, most often they have lighter features, and most often they’re in careers that are non-conventional.  You would be encouraged to take the actions that she would and to treat everyone with compassion, love and respect.  You should find that your 6th sense is considerably heightened this month!  Daydream, meditate, and think of treating yourself to some holistic therapies. Consider taking up a hobby, craft, or art where you can express your creative side.  

Career – The 9 of Wands indicates heavy burdens, stiff competition, and nagging anxieties that are keeping you awake at night, causing exhaustion, and there’s a very defensive energy about it.  Being a 9, you’re so close to this cycle ending!  This card represents that you’ve recently been through some extremely trying times that have definitely tested your perseverance.  It’s likely that you’re experiencing some faith and or trust issues and for good reason. What doesn’t kill us, really does make us stronger, and believe it or not, you’re past has served to prepare you well for what’s ahead. If you’re employed, it’s highly likely that you’re experiencing a high level of stress, and are possibly concerned about the security of your position.  As advice, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst.  Have your resume updated, just in case, and keep your eyes open for new positions.  The hidden influence is The Hermit, which would indicate an important period of introspection.  If you’re unemployed, consider finding a mentor in your chosen field to assist you.  Numerology wise, important keywords would be intellectual power, influence, vision, invention, attainment and anticipation.

Love –   Justice arrived putting an emphasis on a need for fairness, balance and harmony.  Single or not, it’s time to get brutally honest about what changes you need to make regarding your love life. The energy of this card is largely karma based and it’s about getting exactly what you deserve. When we’re talking about karma and Justice, it’s not always karma from this lifetime, and unfortunately, bad things sometimes happen to good people.  This card is a positive affirmation that you’re following your spiritual blue print, and are precisely where you need to be. When we further reduce this card, we see that The High Priestess is the hidden influence, which would urge you to pay attention to your intuition, and to not rush when making the decision that you obviously need to make, because more information will surface soon.  If you’re single, get really clear about what you want in a partner, because this card is a good omen that your options are about to increase, but be wary of people who aren’t truly emotionally available.  If you’re in a relationship, and it’s been feeling unbalanced, this card often indicates that a separation is the best option.  


Spiritually –  The 7 of Swords often points towards some deception, or someone being very manipulative.  Make sure that no one’s taking Good Sagitarriusadvantage of you.  Be wary of “verbal diarrhea”, and in order to access someone’s intentions, pay attention to their actions!  All of the 7′s indicate a personal challenge, and this one is intellectually based.  When this card arrives, it can represent a person who’s feeling overwhelmed, who wants to shirk all of their responsibilities and run away- but don’t! This is a card that represents that in order to achieve your goal, you must use strategy.  If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, try a new approach, because while it’s going to be difficult to attain the personal victory that you want, it’s not impossible. The Chariot is the hidden influence, which would ask you to control your impulses. Through your sheer will power and determination, success will be yours!  Numerology keywords would be perfection, fear, imagination, awareness, understanding and mysticism.  

Career –  The 2 of Cups is commonly known as “the soul mate card”, and represents a person who will change your life forever (in a good way)!  As far as business is concerned, this indicates a strong liaison with another person who will help you professionally.  This is an excellent omen that even if you don’t like your job, that you’ll be feeling appreciated, and that the potential is there for negotiating a higher salary. If you’re unemployed, stay connected to previous employers, network and an opening should appear very soon!  This card can also represent contracts being signed, and with The High Priestess being the subtle energy, there’s so much potential that has yet to surface! Important numerology keywords would be partnerships, negotiation, balance, contrast and choice. 

Love –  The 5 of Swords would indicate aggression, intimidation, competitiveness, conflicts, deceit, being out for “number 1″, and it’s basically representing a cut throat situation where the people involved are ready and willing to win at any cost.  If you’re single, this can indicate a person who’s going to say whatever it takes in order to manipulate you to do what they want- so please be alert for behavioral red flags.  If you’re in a relationship, this card indicates arguments that possibly lead to separations, and or divorce.  It’s highly likely that a third party is attempting to ruin your relationship.  As advice, communicate first, negotiate a middle ground, and reinforce your boundaries.  The Hierophant is the hidden influence, which would encourage you to create daily rituals that honor your beliefs and attitudes.  Love doesn’t manipulate, and a healthy relationship doesn’t make you feel unwanted, or abused.  If you’re in a relationship where your partner disagrees with your ideology, it could be time to go your separate ways.   


Spiritually –  The Empress, being a 3, would indicate that you’re ready for a change.  You’re entering an abundant, creative period full of productivity, capricornprosperity and rewards for your continued efforts!  The Empress often appears when we’re not developing or utilizing all of our talents, or interests. It’s an excellent time to give “birth” to any ideas or plans that will stimulate all of your senses.  You should expect to enjoy a sense of harmony as you share your love, time and energy with enthusiasm.  You’ll benefit most from connecting with nature, animals, and young children.  The Empress is representative of our first experience of unconditional love, and you would be encouraged to make yourself a priority.  Pay attention to your intuition and follow your bliss! Important numerology keywords would be creativity, versatility, mystery, intuition and advancement!

Career –  Temperance, numerology wise, indicates a high level of frustration regarding your career. Expect more peace and tranquility to arrive after you stop thinking so black or white. The solution lies in taking 2 elements to create a third out of what can often feel like a traumatic situation. Employed or unemployed, it’s likely that you’re feeling as though that you’re getting nowhere.  The good news is that the frustration will be short-lived and your efforts will be rewarded. The answer will come to you soon, and this card often represents further learning, and or travel.  As advice, think about getting a mentor to help you develop important connections, try new approaches, and be patient.  The Hierophant is the hidden influence.  You would be encouraged to be organized, pace yourself, and forget about conforming, do what’s right for you!  Numerology wise, there’s some erratic, and unpredictable motion, behavior and thoughts influencing your situation and there’s the possibility for travel.

Love –  The 2 of Wands represents that you’re at a crossroads, and have an important decision to make.  This card indicates that when it comes to partners, single or not, you have options.  Should you stay or should you go, is the question and often times this card indicates a partner who’s all of a sudden become detached.  If you’re in a relationship this card suggests that one or both of the partners have become bored, or are feeling restricted in the relationship, and sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side.  If you’re single, it’s likely that someone in your everyday life that you wouldn’t normally consider dating has a monster crush on you; have an open mind, and one date couldn’t hurt.   The High Priestess is the hidden influence and she would urge you to 1) pay attention to your gut instincts, and 2), she would whisper that there’s something that you’re not aware of yet.   Important numerology keywords would be partnerships, negotiation, balance, contrast and choice. 


Spiritually –  The 4 of Wands arrived to announce that you’re going to have reason to celebrate life this month!!!  Often times, this represents an good aquariusevent with family, such as a baby shower, an engagement, a graduation, or a wedding, etc. The 4′s represent blocks, and this one is likely your spiritual beliefs clashing with others who are within close proximity.  Stand up for yourself, and don’t let others decide what is and isn’t for you!   This card is a lesser version of The World, and assures success for you this month! If you’ve been feeling oppressed, restrained and caged- have faith that this month you’ll get that freedom that you’ve been fantasizing about! Open yourself up to new possibilities, and let go of self restricting limitations! The Emperor is the hidden influence behind your spirituality. While I would normally recommend more structure and discipline, I’m getting that you need to cut yourself loose, and ease up on the self control! Dance, life is short!!!!

Career –  The 7 of Pentacles indicates that whether you’re employed or not, you’re in a period of reflection and re-evaluation.  This particular 7 brings the personal challenge of patience, perseverance and not falling prey to nagging anxieties or doubts.  Often times when this card arrives, it’s indicating a situation where you’re feeling as though that you’re endlessly investing your time and effort with very little reward being shown for it.  Do not stop now!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the month where you’re going to start to see some of your hard work pay off!  The Chariot is the hidden influence, demonstrating that your ambition and determination will have you reaping results sooner than you think!

Love –  The 3 of Cups is an awesome card for those of you who are single! Get out and mingle!  Invest some time doing hobbies that you enjoy on a social level, because Mr. or Miss. Right Now is out there, just waiting for you!  It’s possible that an ex will call, remember that an ex is an ex for a reason, and I don’t care how great the physical chemistry was, stay strong!!!  If you’re in a relationship, your focus will most likely be more on friends and family at this time. This being another 3, would put an emphasis on opportunities and advancement being all around you, because we would take into account The Empress’s energy as being the hidden influence. It’s clearly time for you to experience unconditional love on some level and to celebrate life!   Important numerology keywords would be creativity, versatility, mystery, intuition and advancement!


Spiritually –  The 10 of Pentacles is a community card that demonstrates strong and solid connections.  This is also a card that indicates high good piecesambitions, as well as traditional approaches.  Often times, when this card arrives, it’s indicating a reunion, an engagement, a graduation, or a celebrated time in general. As advice, this is not the month to take risky chances, or to gamble in any area of your life. Have an attitude of gratitude and pay it forward with every chance that you get.  Life cycles, and the hidden influence here for you would be The Wheel of Fortune, which means that you’re at a pivotal turning point that could spin your entire life in directions that you didn’t expect! 

Career –  The Fool arrived to represent you and your career, and we can interpret this a couple of different ways.  If you’re unemployed, let your intuition guide you, investigate the opportunities that hold the most appeal and go to as many interviews as you can. As an archetype, The Fool would represent the one lucky person who just happens to always be at the right place, at the right time, and gets the right opportunities as soon as they arise. If you’re employed but not very happy with your position, consider climbing the ladder by showing your innovative, and fresh perspectives to your boss. Employed or unemployed, there are opportunities all around you, as long as you can forget the fear of trendsetting, which is not to suggest that you shouldn’t look before you leap and if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. 

Love –  The 9 of Pentacles would represent that you’re fully capable of being independent, and if you’re in a relationship that you’re questioning- get out quick!!!! When this card appears, the message is that Mr. or Mrs. Perfect For You is out there, and it’s an excellent omen for you single people!  If you’re in a relationship and you feel that it’s solid, then it’s clearly time to take it to the next level!  The hidden influence would be The Hermit, which is a strong indicator that you’re more than enough on your own, and that you don’t need anyone to fulfill you.  I want to point out that whenever a 9 arrives in a reading, that the person is so much closer to attaining their goal than they may realize. Numerology keywords would be vision, invention, influence, intellectual power, attainment and anticipation!


Spiritually –  The 2 of Swords  would indicate that you’re avoiding dealing with an issue, which has left you at a stalemate, because you’re afraid to Good Ariesmake the wrong choice. Important keywords, numerology wise would be: balance, contrast, negotiation, partnerships and choice.  The energy of this card often represents a situation where the person is feeling stuck, being defensive and keeping others emotionally distant.  When you’re feeling inner conflict, there are often more choices than meets the mind’s eye.  As advice, consider talking to a trusted friend, or using a journal, where you can expose your true feelings and pay attention to your dreams!  The High Priestess is the hidden influence, and she would whisper for you to “proceed with caution, because there’s hidden potential, or information that will reveal itself soon.”

Career –  The Ace of Pentacles  represents that you’re starting a new cycle full of opportunities! The energy is raw, and more symbolic of prosperity. You should see that your efforts are rewarded and achieve tangible results. If you’re considering making a move, or even striking it out on your own, this card is a positive affirmation that you have the potential to make your dreams a reality! Furthermore, the hidden influence is The Magician, which indicates that you will make better use of your talents after you apply yourself with the power of your focus!

Love –  The World represents a deep satisfying sense of accomplishment and completion!  It’s a gateway after having really learned a lesson the hard way.  The World is the universes way of demonstrating that you’ve earned a promotion!  A relationship that’s represented with this card is a healthy and secure one; expect it to rise above your expectations!  If you’re single, and the opportunity to travel presents itself, by all means go, because chances are that you’ll meet someone!!!! If you can’t travel out of your city, think seriously about spending time in nature, or indulging in a creative pursuit, where you’ll meet like minded people.  The hidden influence would be The Empress. You would be encouraged to be resourceful, to get creative and to enjoy stimulating all of your senses!