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March 20, 2011 in About

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Picky Dressers vs. Tactile Disorder

March 20, 2011 in Parenting


The epidemic of picky dressers is driving some parents crazy and causing struggles each morning with the simple task of getting dressed.  If you are among this group, you maybe fear that your children are abnormal and don’t share this tidbit of information with others.  The truth is that many parents deal with this issue when it comes to dressing their children.  My personal experiences as a mother started when my children were babies.  Socks wouldn’t stay on for very long.  It would be -17 outside and the mittens would quickly come off.  I would feel the other parents eyes on my baby’s naked hands and hold the mittens while pushing the stroller, so that anyone looking could see that I wasn’t being neglectful, she had mitts if she wanted them.

Once they were able to dress themselves the problem became worse.  I would take them shopping for nice clothes that we could both agree upon.  After these garments were laundered and in the drawer folded with care, the kids would find most of it uncomfortable and refuse to wear them.  This was irritating, not only did I feel that we had wasted the money spent but they would pick the same clothes almost every day. Pants would often get holes that I had to sew repeatedly until they looked so tattered that a goodwill store probably wouldn’t accept them.  The shirts become too small or stained but the kids insist that they can’t part with them just yet.  We settle this by putting them in the pajama draw.  I couldn’t help but to feel self conscious when I wondered if their teachers’ thought that those were the only clothes that they owned.  At one parent/teacher conference I even broached the subject, telling the teacher that she just has her favorite outfits. 

Those were defining memories of my early parenthood regarding this issue.  I’ve smartened up now and will buy 3 or 4 of the same item, just in different colours.  My skin’s thicker too.  What does it matter what others think of me as a parent?  If the teacher thinks that I’m truly horrible maybe my daughter will be the object of extra special attention. 

I’ve heard stories about children who suffered more than mine.  Some take their clothes off as soon as they walk in the house.  Others, for one reason or another, have an aversion to underwear.  I’ve tried to find more information on this phenomena to no avail with the exception of tactile or sensory tactile disorder.  It’s signs and symptoms are to the extreme, although I’m sure the degree to how your child is affected varies.  I don’t enjoy labelling small children but if you are a parent who can relate to this topic and are curious here are the signs/symptoms.

Some signs and symptoms that  your child might have a sensory tactile disorder.

  • Textured materials/items make them want to crawl out of their skin.
  • They avoid being touched by others.
  • They wear their socks inside out because the seam irritates them.
  • Any tags on shirts must be cut out.
  • Shoes feel awkward.
  • They have an urgency to wash any part of their body that’s dirty.
  • To end this post on a positive note, my oldest daughter seems to be growing out of it!  There is hope!

    Also, while searching for an appropriate image I came across a great invention, adjustable baby socks that can’t be pulled off!!!!  You can find them here

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