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The Science of Full Body Spirituality

November 30, 2011 in Spirituality

Say the word tantra or tantric and immediately most people think of eroticism, the sensual art of love making but it’s so much more than that!  Tantric methods can be applied to healing and energizing through massage, awakening the kundalini, at the base of the spine and just above the genital region but why stop […]
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The Hidden Influences of Colour

November 23, 2011 in Spirituality

It’s incredible how much colour can influence our moods, appetites, choices and contribute to how others see us, especially with first impressions- did you know that people judge you with in 90 seconds?  Colour is light energy that has the potential to excite, depress, calm, heal and stimulate, it’s psychology and a phenomenon that we can all […]
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Self Perception and the Manifestation of Destiny, written by Travis!

November 18, 2011 in Spirituality

Travis has written a spectacular post for all of us!  Thank you Travis!

Self Perception and the Manifestation of Destiny,

written by Travis

I am almost constantly hearing about “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  It is almost like a broken record these days, echoing throughout all religions, New Age traditions, and Occult sciences. Is it really all that powerful to think positively? Can I really manifest my own reality? Will my positive attitude actually attract wealth, happiness, and good health? My experience has shown this to be exactly the case time and time again. So, what’s the point of bringing up this tired subject once more? After all, we have read “The Secret” and we have attended motivational seminars, only to find ourselves falling back into the same patterns of negative thoughts over and over again. It does us no good to know a method works, if we can’t continually apply it.

Earlier this week I was dragged to another spiritual talk by my very persuasive wife. I have attended many talks of this sort, where enlightened gurus offer their “simple” methods to peace and happiness, and each time I have learned some things and tried diligently to apply the teachings, only to drift back to the same old routine of negative thoughts leading to negative situations. I went into the meeting expecting absolutely nothing of lasting value. The teacher was Shanti Mayi, an enlightened yogini. She gives her teaching through a question and answer format, and has no lesson plan at all. This was a refreshing style that I found myself captivated by. It was interesting to note that almost all of the questions the audience presented related to the same problems I have. It soon became obvious to me that all of us were suffering from the mental disease of negative thinking. But, where does it come from? About the time I was formulating this question, Shanti Mayi said ” What you want others to be to you, Be to yourself”. She went on to explain how by thinking of ourselves incompetent, or of no value, others begin to see us in exactly the same way. Why, don’t people listen to me? Because I don’t think that what I say is important. Why don’t I get promoted? Because I don’t think of myself as boss material. In the same manner, if we think of ourselves as great, others will also. This becomes a powerful tool for the transformation of our external reality.

This hit me as something that might just be true, so I decided to put it to the test. For one day, I decided, I will constantly remember to think very highly of myself. That morning I drew a Tarot spread, and found the King of Swords in the layout representing me. Perfect! I am the King of swords. Headstrong, noble, pure in action, and just. I managed to identify myself with the king all day, being careful to notice whenever a thought of weakness would arise. I was easily able to recognize these low thoughts and quickly come back to my noble status. What I found was everyone treated me differently. I was not bothered by people who want to monopolize my time, and in conversations, I found the voice of authority to be my own. People were listening to me as if I had all of the answers. I have carried this practice throughout the week, and I am finding that it is really working to change, not only the way others think of me, but the way I think of myself as well. Have you ever noticed how some people can succeed at their specialty above others even though they are not the best at what they do? It is because they think that they are the best. It is this positive attitude that attracts others and brings about their success.

So how do we apply this in a way that will not be forgotten in a week? First, decide what it is that you want to be in the eyes of others. It may be that you want to be attractive physically. This is a good one that all of us can benefit from. Have you ever met a person who is not really so great looking but still you found him or her irresistibly attractive? This is because they think of themselves as beautiful sexy people, and as a result everyone else does too. So just imagine that you are a sexy person that nobody can resist. Try it for a week and see what happens. I bet you will find that everyone is checking you out. You will start to dress better, and even walk differently. If you want to be the boss at work, start thinking of yourself as the one with all of the answers. You are the go to guy. They couldn’t continue without you to advise them. Whoever or whatever it is that you wish you were, begin to believe that you are. This will create the environment for your wishes to manifest. You will attract love, happiness, and success. What more could you hope for? This is really easy to do, and the results will keep you coming back for more. The person you are is only as good as the person you think you are. Why not start thinking you are totally awesome? You are already great, but you are destined for so much more. Isn’t it time to unlock your true potential?
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Polygamy, how open minded are you?

November 15, 2011 in Spirituality

Sister Wives has caught my attention recently, and I find my mind wandering back to a couple of years ago when one of my daughter’s befriended a LDS girl.  I understand that “officially” polygamy has not been affiliated with that religion since 1890 but this sweet girl who managed to bring Jesus into each conversation […]
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November 8, 2011 in Just For Members, News Worthy, Spirituality

The science of epigenetics gives us the reasoning behind changing our perspectives.  It’s been discovered that by experiencing a thought change we have the power to potentially change up to 30,000 variations for each of our genes!  No longer are we enslaved by what’s been coded in our genes! In contrast to random mutations, science […]