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Current Fear Tactics, don’t buy in!

September 21, 2011 in News Worthy

Let me count the ways that “big brother” is trying to instill the all powerful controlling primal fear in us lately, with the assistance of the media who’s only too willing to hand feed us the garbage.  Before I begin though, welcome new members!!!  Anytime you want to write a post it would be fantastic, I want this site to be everyone’s soapbox.  If your peeved, or inspired share it!  United, our awakened minds are stronger and may help others to open their eyes.  The government intrusions are slowly pervading our lives and robbing us of our freedoms.  Been through airport security lately?

This Friday we wait for satellite chunks to spew from the heavens.  NASA appears to be a VIP player in the game of mind control, in co-hoots with the government. They’ve stated that we have a 1 in 3200 chance of being hit by the pieces.  I won’t be hiding like a child, I’m going to unleash the part of me that craves excitement and play outside, all day with anticipation for the “fireworks”.  I encourage us all to live life as normal.  It’s most likely going to be Mabon for some of you and the Fall Equinox for others- time to celebrate!!!!  Thanks to Auntie Azmogie, here’s a link to track the UARS satellite if you just can’t help yourself from knowing where it is  When I first saw the tracking map, I had to ask myself if they laugh as the satellite image hovers above the map, knowing that millions of people are terrified and in fear.

NASA has also recently stated that the solar flares that we’re experiencing are radiating more than light and don’t actually say that we’re in a radiation barbeque but hint at it.  The recent solar flares are being cause by the interstellar energy cloud or known as “The Local Fluff”  It’s a highly charged tube shape gas cloud our solar system is just now entering.  They have know about this for at least 2 years.  It’s highly radioactive and magnetic and could strip away the protective heliosphere of the sun and earth exposing us to this radiation. The first signs of this affect would be seen on the sun and then the earth with major earth changes.  The “scary” part of this is that we could end up with a Carrington Effect and all electromechanical systems would fail, working only with back up battery power.

It’s been suggested that NASA, some levels of the government and the Vatican are getting together to announce some big news. The Vatican recently hosted a conference regarding alien life forms, acknowleding that they may exist and converting them to Christianity (I kid you not).  The Catholic church accepting aliens when they have a problem with homosexuality? Religion, another means of controlling people into submission.

Phi Guy sent me a link to an article that reveals that a new security perimeter between Canada and the United States of America that threatens our freedoms is in the works.  This includes expanding collaboration in areas of law enforcement and intelligence sharing which could dramatically affect sovereignty and privacy rights. We must have courage and exercise our democratic responsibilities, by taking baby steps and standing together the little people (us the majority) stand a fighting chance (through non-violence).

Have you heard of the ATF’s” fast and furious” operation where the United States is supplying guns to anyone with cash in Mexico.  More specifically high powered automatic riffles to the dangerous Sinaloa Cartel.  They say that their motive is to track the weapons to the big fish but people are being killed and no actually tracking device is being placed on the guns. The Department of Justice denies that they allowed this to happen and are trying to blame Andre Howard.  The investigation’s ongoing and I think that the truth may come out.  When governments are using the power of fear to control the people an enemy’s required so that the majority believes that without the government they’re helpless.  What a crock- privatise the services that they provide.

Some conspiracy sights that I’ve visited have made allegations that military’s shut them down and that they fear that some huge event is about to unfold.  Any thoughts on this?  And if you find yourself giving into fear, take a deep breath and ask yourself,”Is this real?  Or has the percieved threat been implied and is therefore just a tactic that you won’t allow them to you on you!”

Then we have our financial situation.  Check out this video, true and entertaining.


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