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OMG! totally what i needed! now just to read it over and over again until i recite it in my sleep! You are incredibly talented! i feel like i've known u forever and that you are treating me special. thats probably not the case but i feel more understood than i care to think. from the bottom of my heart <3


Thank you so much for your extremely insightful reading Juliana! You have a gift! :-)  It was so personal, I was not expecting that.  Eerily on the mark on a couple items.  I found it heartening. You've fortified my banged up spirits, Ms.  Thank you, truly and deeply.


thank you so much!!!  It head the nail head on.


Thank you very much! It was eerily accurate and I enjoyed it immensely.


Wow that was actually right on the dot accurate, Im really impressed once again. Thanks so much.   That is exactly what i wanted to hear and know which will help me. 


thank you and you were right on the money,again thank-you this helped me in many ways even more than my $300.00 hr therpist 


Juliana is one of the best! She has helped me on a number of situations and problems in my life.  She is  full of information and has different suggestions for each situation.  She is Caring and understanding andtries hard to make you feel better about yourself.  I love this site and the people on it!!! You have to  get a reading!  


The reading is fantastic and so true, I want to rush to the results, I´m very impatience with my self:-)
I´m in a crossroad in my life , both with my job and my self.  So you really did a faboulus job  and I feel so much more secure that I´m on the right path and that things only get better from here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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This is a very educational site. Well done!


Juliana is absolutely incredible. I got a Tarot reading a few days ago, and she answered my questions better than I could have ever hoped for. She helped me to see things in a whole new way, opening me up to a whole new dimension of personal growth. The reading was able to pinpoint the areas within that needed to be subdued, an energized the areas that I needed help opening up to. She has given so much to me in this reading, She is the real thing! I will not hesitate to consult her with any questions that I have in the future. I am so glad to have found an adviser that I can really trust. Thank You so much Juliana!!!!


Juliana graciously gave me a reading a few months ago..Exceptional reading..Thank you,so much of it has been brought forth to manifestation.Thank you,Thank you,Thank you


I ordered a tarot reading from Juliana because I was confused and upset over a situation in my life.  She cut through my confusion and helped me to put my focus back on track.  She went above and beyond to help me.  I appreciate that she dedicates so much of her time to helping others.  Thanks Juliana!

—Yellow Sunshine

I won a free reading from Juliana, and I have to say - you better be ready for the truth. If the cards come up dark she doesn't pretend everything is roses like some readings I have had. The 3 of swords was a prominent card in my reading. Juliana told me there would be some heartache coming up but it would be short lived and not impact me permanently. A month later when my son was lying in a hospital bed very ill I held on to that reading, it gave me hope and got me through a dark time. My son fully recovered and today is healthy and well.


It is sites like this that allow me to know, in my heart, I am not alone in my
beliefs and values. There are others like me out there who know we’re not crazy,
and there is more to this world than meets the eye. Thank you Juliana, for
creating a site where we can meet and not feel frightened to share our inner
feelings; you do so much to help and guide people!


Juliana, thank you so much for your Tarot reading. It was very good and super detailed, it was the best reading that I've ever had! I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold...


Thank you so much for the reading you did for me today!  You did a 12 month reading forme over a year ago.  I kept the notes and looking back it was all extremely accurate!  Your reading today gave me insight and also gave me something to look forward to! Thankyou! 


juliana,.thanks a lot your so good .and now i can have lots hop , and about the
job thing your right im sapose to swich to anoethe job ,to. thank u :-)


I really enjoyed your tarot reading a you hit the mark on all the
issues. I have had many tarot readings in the past but you have been the best
and most accurate! It is reassuring that your site has lived up to my
expectations and I am glad to be a member...Thanks Juliana!


Wow..... Juliana got my ex boyfriend so right ! My whole reading was so amazing ! Thank you so much Juliana :)


Juliana provided me with a reading on a perspective relationship a month or so
ago. Looking back on the reading after this relationship has ended, I can't
believe how accurate her reading turned out to be.

The detailed insight
in the reading went beyond chance and provided an accurate and detailed map of
the interactions I was to encounter. The reading was balanced with a mixture of
both positive and negative qualities. The positive offered a compelling and
insightful outlook for the future. Even more appreciated, the negative was
delivered in a very delicate and gentle fashion.

I would highly recommend
Juliana as a source for insightful and accurate readings. We are very lucky she
is sharing her many gifts with us through this forum :-)

—Phi Guy

Totally nailed it Juliana. Perfect reading! My past and present, the cards involved were completely right. The future looks to be great! Exactly where I had hoped my family and I would end up. And the advice suggested, I needed to hear. It was a great reminder to watch those little things that always end up derailing me because I just think "Ah, it doesn't matter" until it's too late. Thank you so much!


Juliana's reading has been by far the most accurate reading I've ever received.  Her knowledge of the cards is spectacular.  She gave me insight and helped me figure out which steps I needed in order to fix my situation.  Simply amazing.  Thank you so much for the best clarification one could ever ask for.  You are awesome.


I've already written a testimonial - but if anyone wants to hear one of Juliana's readings, tune in to the podcast featuring her http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askmechi/2013/05/06/explore-the-magic-of-the-tarot-cards

I think it will give you an idea of the amazing detail of her readings.




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